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(A no credit course of course!)


Welcome to my web site.  I'm going to start off with a disclaimer.  Even though I periodically delete content from my web site, there is still an enormous amount of content to browse through.  I would like to think it is all fun and enjoyable stuff, but that's my opinion and your opinion may certainly contradict mine.

For starters, to even get to my web site may be a mystery.  There are several easy ways:

1.  Google ""  and then click on the first item shown

2.  Enter "" on the web browser address line


3.  Bookmark my home page so that you can easily go back to it by simply clicking on your book mark.

Once you are on my home page, you will find a simple index as shown.  Simply click on the chapter of interest to get the index for that chapter.


So, just for grins, click on 2013 adventures and you will then see this:

What you will see is an actual index of all of the photos I have posted listed chronologically and with a very brief description.  You can start with page one by simply clicking on "Page 1"

Once you are on any page, I have jumps at the bottom left of each page allowing you to advance to the next page, back one page or to return to the "index" page.

In this example you see three boxes labled "Page 3", "Index", and "Page 1". clicking on any one of these will jump you forward a page or to the "Index" or back one page.  These boxes are called "push buttons" because when you click on them, they depress like a push button.  In another words, to view an entire chapter, when you get to the bottom of any page, use the "push button" jumps to get to the next page.

Some interesting browsing tips:
1. The page you are viewing is shown in the tab of your browser  e.g. if you are on page 9:

Note the cute little jimr icon in the tab?  That is a 16x16 pixel graphic sitting in my root directory that the browser picks up and displays automatically.  It is a pixel file named  any.ico  .ico stands for icon.  It takes a special pixel editor to generate this file.  Google "pixel editor" for free software.

2. If you right click on a link, you will be given the option of opening that link (page) in another tab or browser window.  e.g.

The advantage of doing this is you can preserve your index on one tab, while filling up other tabs with one or more pages.

Also, if you right click on a part of the page that is not a link

You get the option of saving a bookmark of this page.

3. If you right click on a photo of mine, you will see a pop up menu of choices.  e.g.
Some choices are intuitive.  For instance clicking on "view image" will open another browser tab and the image will be shown in it's true originally posted size. Almost all of my photos are resized to 1024 horizontal pixels before posting.  On occasion when a photo is really deserving, I will post a 2048 pixel version and then size it down to fit my arbitrary 1024 pixel size.  Clicking on "view image" will show the photo at it's 2048 size.  Copy image?  Click on this and you can "paste" the image into a document or email, etc.  Save?  Yep, you can rip me off and steal one of my photos for your own pleasure, hence the copy right notice on each and every page.  Set as background?  My favorite.  Click on this and the image becomes your new background photo.  Good luck on trying to get rid of it.  I have made my images the background on resort computers and it has remained there for years.  Not a lot of people know how easy it is to change the BG photo.  When using one of my photos for your background, keep in mind that my photos are 1024 x 683 pixels most of the time.  My screen is 1600 x 900 pixels so the 1024 photo has a wide border around it.  Occasionally, I will post a photo specifically tagged for use as a background.  In that case, the displayed photo is 1024 but the photo going to your BG will be 1600.

4.  Did you know that links you have already viewed are displayed in a different color then unviewed links? e.g.
Page 1 and 2, have not been viewed yet. Pages 3,4 have been viewed.  This is useful as if you get tired and want to come back at a later date, you will notice by viewing the different color links, which pages you have yet to view or have already viewed.

5.  I run a Web counter on all of my posted pages.  It gives me a report of every viewer that visits my site.  this tells me what ISP has accessed my site but not what person. You can view my counter on this page in the very lowest left hand counter.  This number is not the total visits but rather the total page hits I have had. I can also view statistics telling me the most popular pages viewed.  This is very useful for giving me an idea of who views my postings.  For instance when I email a new posting notification to my list of over a hundred people, I am lucky if I get 40 or more new hits on my recent posting.  I do believe that 40 is better then zero!

Two examples of info available to me from my counter server:


You can subscribe to this service for a "free" counter also, simply by clicking on my counter.

6.  I love using "rollovers."  A rollover is a special link using jpeg files insead of underlined text.  You know it's a link because it changes color when you place your cursor over it.  Clicking on it takes you to the indicated page. e.g.    clicking on this "rollover" takes you back to this page but you will see it is working because the page reloads.  I also enjoy the way it is less discriminate to the cursor.  Being in the general area with the cursor works whereas a text link requires more precise cursor positioning.

Lastly, email me your questions or concerns, I'm always available to help with even questions about browsing in general.


Did you remember to note that these are "Push Button links?"  The first one is a link back to the tutorial index and the second is a link back to my home page

My copyright mark and email address on every page:

copyright mark  All of the images and text on this post are copyright protected and have been digitally watermarked.  The images and text displayed here, in no way implies consent for any form of distribution or reuse.  Email me if you desire permission to do so. 

December 13, 2013  (The last time this page was modified)

My counter in the bottom left corner of every page.  This counter increments every time you load a page.