So, this is tripping out in the Mojave desert looking for "Rock Art."  The catch is, this art is located on a Navy base in the middle of the Mojave desert.  All access is restricted to escorted day trips which are closely monitored by Navy security.  The other caveat is that the rock art is a huge distance from the entrance to the Naval base requiring a serious ride of over an hour on rough asphalt roads followed by six miles of even rougher dirt road.  This particular site is called Little Petroglyph.

The crown jewel of this site, supposedly, Shaman (Indian medicine men) self portraits.  I switched to my big lens for this photo.  The top photo is the original uncropped version and the next photo, a cropped version to show more detail.

Pretty detailed, huh?  The smaller darker figure may have been done centuries before the large one as it is starting to darken again as it's patina returns.

We were shown several "Couples" in many rocks that could have been used to process acorns and grains and nuts into a flour of sorts.  The couples on the above rock had an entirely different purpose and were made to denote a right of passage, from girl to woman, according to the Docent/Guide.  The lichen is obscuring them but if you observe closely, they vary in size from tiny thimble size to fist size.

MOTS (More of the same!)

Couples which were actually used for grinding grains and nuts.

The following photos are viewed by me as being worthy of posting and for your study and interpretation:

The Maturango Museum is apparently, the only organization that is allowed to lead tours into the Petroglyph canyons within the borders of the China Lake Naval Air Station.  If you want to view these sites personally, then contact the museum.  As far as I know, unescorted individuals are not allowed access to these sites.


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