This critter, a Desert Tarantula that came waltzing on eight legs, across my hiking path.  I've heard that they are harmless but I have a hands off policy for nature so, took a few photos and went on my way as it did as well.  Not an unexpected sight as fall (10/13) is traditionally when love is in the air and these guys get amorous looking for a like minded mate.  On the other hand, they are nocturnal and my hike was late in the evening so maybe it was just out hunting.  They are known to take down small rodents and even an occasional bird.

It has huge venom dispensing fangs which aren't visible in these two photos, and two appendages in front of it's mouth as big as it's legs, I assume to hold prey with, and with tiny tiny eyes.  For humans, the venom is about as bad as a bee sting, although it is rare for a Tarantula to even bite a human even if it is being handled.


I am not sure where the cotton came from.  With the winds in this area, it could of come from very far away before being trapped by this cactus.

A forest of Mojave Desert Cactus, on the way to Tea Kettle Junction.

A bare cave. (Yes, I know how to spell bear.)

Looking at this photo reminds me of how much I detest the dirt road leading up to it.  It is amusing to view though and now I know, this should be renamed "Tea Kettle Exchange Junction."  Not one of these Kettles is from last year.  Every Kettle is a new addition.  So, where did all of the old ones go?  Kettle heaven?

Yes, Grapevine Station is the turnoff to this junction.  26 miles of very rough, very rocky, very dirt road, like an unending series of misshapen, misaligned, randomly placed, speed bumps. Even the rocks surrounding the base, are different.  (photo taken 10/16/2016)

Photo taken 03/06/2015....

Photo taken 12/29/2013....

Now, some close ups of this years pots: : : : :-)

The spoon inside the red pot was ceramic also.


Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I have a Jelly Belly in my Tummy.

Now, we have to go to Ukraine and swap a tea kettle with them.....

So profound, so insightful, really?

Here's your chance to be an email pal with a foreigner.

Bulgaria?  You bought this tea kettle from Bulgaria, down a 26 mile long dirt road, to be exchanged in the near future with another tea kettle, not from Bulgaria.

What ever happened to "Old" Zealand?  Yes, that is me, crouching and photographing.  The obligatory self potrait.

Does this make sense to anybody?  Bed of California?  Perhaps they were suffering from too much sun.  Sun stroke or marijuana stroke, maybe.

Pretty beads.  Doubtful if they will last a month.


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