A side trip off of Hwy 93; Cholride, Arizona.  The alligator farm signs said, "Art this way." with an arrow pointing designating the path a traveler should take.  To get to the "art" you travel all the way through the middle of a Ghost town and then turn right at the end of the road, onto a knarly, bumpy dirt road full of tank traps.  High clearance and four wheel drive are necessary.  The road dead ends at the "art."  The guidance signs are apparent now, but I wouldn't count on them lasting for many more years.

My journey! A tiny detour off the main road, following an "Alligator Farm, 100 yds" sign, ending up deep in a canyon to discover some modern rock art.  I wonder if this "Art" will last for thousands of years, to be pondered by future Archeologists.

Historically correct depiction of the old Silver Mining town of Chloride?  I have no idea.

Three and four toed foot prints, probably not taken from any hominoid.

Difficult to interpret?  An Indian princess?  Maybe just the wanderings of a psychedelic mind.  I had to admire the quality of the work.  Very nice detail, even if it is a little scattered.  The colors are very bold.

A caged male being "kissed" by the sun?

Every parents nightmare, a rolly polly teenage baby.

Stepping back for the big picture. What a grand artscape to produce.  I imagine months maybe years of unpaid effort.  Truly, a labor of love.

Again, the road leading to these rocks is very primitive, very dirt, very rutted, very one way.  Hike to the art or use a vehicle with high clearance.  I bottomed out once or twice in my car (a four wheel drive Toyata Highlander) while following the signs to the "ART."  The art is about two miles in from any main road.  The closest parking is about a mile from the art.


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