Looks pretty busy, huh?  Here's an idea, click on it for a hi res version and then focus on certain sections.  I like the flying squirrels, for instance.  You may like the horse rider shooting a dear in the rump, close by, the bizarro man.

The McPhee Reservoir on the Dolores River in Dolores River Valley.  Taken from a vista point at the following place.

An excavated Pueblo at C of the A, complete with Kiva (circular structure).  In real life, entry was usually through the roof.  Kivas are always circular, living and storage is always square.  Kivas were gathering places so square corners wouldn't work.  So, why are our churches square?

Then we got a guided tour of inside the building in the "not open to the public" section showing us artifacts being readied for display and some not even allowed on display:

Times 1000.  So instead of a pottery wheel, the Indians made clay coils, laying them on top of each other and pressing them flat, forming the bowl from the bottom up.  The better made bowls have barely any mark of this method while other everyday bowls, are quite obviously made this way.

Our tour guide, a retired teacher now docent, pointing out the various pottery features.  This pot was also made using coils of clay.


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