I hope this is a fictional character.

Santa and his reindeer

So I loaned my IPhone (camera) to Amy as she had left hers in the Motel.  Motel?  Yes, she splurged for us and we spent two nights in a Motel.  Anyway's, these are her photos, taken on my IPhone.....>

Proof of participating and  of the "camera.".

We hiked three miles and 500' to get this view, a lot of it uphill, well, only half of it was uphill.  lol  Fragile stuff, Another million years and it will just be two stumps.

IPhone photo.. (up to this point and then)

back to the Canon....>

Canon Photo

The four sided Rubics Cube rock with art on all four sides.  Photographed with the "Rock,", about half or more of our tour group.  None of these sites were close together.  All of them, worth the hours of travel we made to view them.  Stuff like this is just not outside your Motel room.  Well, some Rock Art is but a lot of Rock Art  is located in very remote areas..

Whizzing on a dirt road right behind us, an Off Road Vehicle (ORV) headed for one of the many impassable to all except these, road.  Just so you know how serious a sport this is, these vehicles are built in the USA and they cost $25K to 35K, out the door.  My son has a two door model.  It isn't fragile but it isn't indestructible either.  Tires and drive belts are high use items.

Rock and Roll.

Two guys and a gurl, enjoying a single track bike trail.  The gurl may have not been as experienced as her riding partners as she dismounted to go through this part.  Same area as the four sided rock, only across a canyon from us, still, the magic of an image stabilized 400mm lens.

"Rock Climber" equipped vehicles giving their owners that much needed adrenaline rush they so crave.  Also across the canyon from us.  As a side note, they were inching along, not going very fast at all.  In the 3 to 5 mph range.  They have some pretty technical and rough stuff to traverse, ahead of them..

It's all about the clearance or the lack of it.  Don't try this while driving a Prius, a car noted to get hung up on even speed bumps. lol  So, if you're looking for your next hobby, here you go.


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