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Leading off with one Lizard, two different views.  I was attracted to his use of Indian war paint to accessorize with.

Clothes pin men or wispy ghosts or . . . . .

Desert gun sights.  Just put any UFO in the sight and pull the trigger.

The Archeological gang enjoying the sights, a fun part of our day trip.  A little alligator farm so to speak, a little off topic, so to speak.  Archeological in nature because the layers show different periods of time.

Yes, it's a stretch, a mound of dirt depicting a civil war ship or two.  Who am I to say?  I vote for them being two mounds of dirt er rock.

Then off to the DHP. . . . >

Dead Horse Point?  It's a cowboy story of how some (two?) cowboys rounded up a bunch of wild stallions, trapping them on this point now called Dead Horse Point, then went to town for a beer or three and didn't return so.... the trapped horses starved to death ending up renaming the point, Dead Horse Point.  They did have a wonderful view though as shown by the above photo, just not a lot to eat.  The horses probably died of dehydration before starvation, but hey, it's a cowboy story.  Pretend it never happened.  Think of Roy Rogers and Tonto instead.  Not all cowboys were messed up.  Yes, I know who the Lone Ranger is.  Just messin with ya.

The Colorado River as viewed from DHP.

Modern Potash mining. Since mining this stuff was really hazardous to mine, cave ins and what not with several miners being killed, the mine owners decided to pump the mine full of water, then pump it back up to ponds to evaporate and leave the minerals behind.  Kind of like a salt pond only a Potash pond instead.  Now, there is a cool high mega photo available, Just click on the above photo to show autos, people, shacks and other things not visible in this view.  The resulting high res photo is the magic of a 400mm lens and Adobe Elements 7 panorama software which seamlessly melded six photos together.  BTW, don't click on any of my high res Pano pics unless you have super fast Internet service.  The high res files are typically 20-40 meg or more in size.  On my 50meg home service, they take typically a minute or more to load.

Now!  Off to another (Moab) site. . . . . >

One could spend hours on this panel trying to interpret specific images.  Did they have bowling balls?  Dogs with antlers, snakes, body builders?

Done with the previous one?  This one should take you ten times longer.

I wonder if a May Pole is involved in this one, or maybe a call to band together or a human chain to save the Chief after falling off a cliff?

More bullet holes, yuk.  Some strange symbols here.  Small men, huge bear like animal with toes, goat like animal with apparent cloven hooves.  Reminder, we are looking at rock art that may have evolved over several centuries.  There is no way to know which symbols appeared first or in which order.  The large bear like animal, could have been pecked over a bunch of smaller glyphs, for instance as evidenced by the small half animal near it's front leg.  All we do know for sure is that bullet holes are likely the last century.

Some animal shapes are replicated like the goat type with cloven hooves.  Hands linked together?  Come dance with us tonight?  Spirals= shields? or maybe a corn maze.


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