First, a little prayer from a Preying Mantis... Photographed outside the entry doors of the Vernal Dinosaur Museum.  A single purpose insect killer.

Lots of information, lots of vandalism, lots of bullet holes on a panel of Petroglyphs.

Whom out there, believes in Area 51?

Very abstract? to us maybe, probably not to the artist.

Some of the glyphs were located on posted, private, unpatrolled, property.

Some of the pictographs are larger then life.  I hope they had ladders.  If not, maybe the Indians were big enough to reach.  Gad Zooks!  That's not an Indian standing next to the art, just a volunteer offering a view on scale.  If you are from Germany and you recognise her, send her an eMail.

Playing cribbage? or rows of corn? or number of wives?

Huge Pictoglyphs at Black Dragon site... Wow!  Again, I hope they were using ladders, that or they were huge Indians?  I wonder if they were drawing space ships?

I'm not an art critic but this looks pretty good to me. Very fluid and realistic.  Off course, if this isn't suppose to be a bird, then I take it all back. You have to credit the artist(s) with the know how to invent a paint that lasts thousands of years.  Kelly Moore should do so good.

Click on the above photo for a Hi Res Pic. A partial group of tour participants in front of the Black Dragon Glyphs!


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