October 1, --->
In Utah!   Not all overlooks are grand, so appreciate that this one is.

Might even be prettier then the "Grand Canyon," IMHO of course.  (click on the above for a mega photo)

Diminutive flowers, so typical in the desert.  A little energy conservation going on.  I wonder if the Bee's are small as well?

Full zoom (400mm) on the not the Colorado River but rather the San Rafael River, a tributary to the Green River which eventually meets up with the Colorado river. Technically the same water you view in the Grand Canyon. lol

Panning back (100mm)

Most of the people on our tour, taking a lookie over the sideie.

Then, off to a Dinosaur foot print site. --->

About 30CM (11") across, "It was a one-eyed, one-horned, (three toed) flyin' purple people eater." (Sheb Wooley.)

Then, same day, off to another site for more glyphs--->

A pano of a Glyph panel, too large for a single shot.

For scale/size comparison.

A complex story panel indeed.  Maybe they had an art rock derby.  One info panel suggested that Indians choose intersecting river sites for a lot of their art.  Look on the left, a woman in fairly good detail.  Amazing.

Ended the day going from Green River to Moab via all the back roads.  Got low on gas, but with a little bit of luck, we made it.  19 gallon tank, 12mpg, could have gone 2.7 x 12 or 32 more miles.  On a previous trip, my record empty tank was 18.1 gallons.  Gets a little unnerving when the gauge is this low.

Busy day, lots of miles.


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