An afternoon well spent hiking the "Enchanted Forest Trail" in a Buddhist Retreat located in Soquel (Santa Cruz), CA.  The trail starts and ends on the private property of the Land of the Medicine Buddha.  As you will see, a peaceful, serene and spiritual place.

Just reigning over an empty field off of the trail.  Not sure what it signifies or what it is for.  Cymbals waiting to be cymbaled.?

Feel free to enhance the LMB with a huge donation.  (Jack Beebe missed it.)

Your donation will be used to complete or elaborate on this very structure, a Stupa.  Click on the above photo for more photo detail.

Since this is close to the Stupa, perhaps an eventual addition to it.

Also nearby the Stupa with an obvious leap to be part of it some day.

The trail is interspersed with prayer stations.  The trinkets are possibly tokens left by people trying to get their message out.

A reflection pond waiting to be reflected on.  A little Buddha statue is present on one of the logs.  No Koi.  No hose so water may be carried to it or perhaps piped in.

Another spot on the trail for, well you get the idea, don't you?

Lessons in the key of life ala Buddha style.  Too bad ISIS doesn't subscribe to these lessons.  Too bad 90% of US of A doesn't as well.

I find it curious why sexual misconduct is spelled out.  Consensual sexual behavior is apparently OK.  No stealing, spelled  out, OK, who doesn't know what stealing is?.

Monk inspired forest decorations or a jail for people caught doing that sexual misconduct thing.

A couple of fellow hikers pointed this web out to me, mentioning the curious way it was dome shaped.  This photo nearly captures the moment.  Notice the spider sentry in the middle of it.

Why it has the name "Enchanted Forest."  Doesn't get any prettier or enchanted than this.

The hike is 6.7 miles and is a sircle of sorts.  (Yes, I know how to spell circle.   It's more like a paper clip trail so "sircle.")  Initial parts of the trail are steep with a total hiking elevation gain of 1,160 feet.  The highest point is 1040 feet.  95% plus shaded.  A combination of redwood forest and chapparal plus the last part of the trail follows a stream through the redwoods for at least a mile or more. To find the trail head, go to Medicine Buddha and look for the information signs.  You will be looking for the "Enchanted Forest" trail.  Note that this is Private Land so read and heed all posted signs.  This area is closed all day Saturday and Sunday AM.  Please go to their web site to note recent changes and exceptions.


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