On a pass between Durango and Grand Junction.

Same area, just zoomed in.  A small water fall is in the upper left also.

An information board located at Cow Canyon about 15 miles South of Rangely, CO and 5 miles East of the main road, explaining who made the glyphs and what they may mean.

Photographs on this same information sign showing the Petroglyphs, assuming for location on the rocks.

My photograph from Cow Canyon of the pistol.  You can see it is really quite tiny.

Also from Cow Canyon.

One of the petroglyph artist's bear sculptures. (just teasing)  It does look like a bear though.  Also at Cow Canyon.

From Dinosaur Monument Park.

Also from Dinosaur Monument Park.

Mother Nature's sculpturing, at Dinosaur Monument Park.

Joyfully courting each other.  

Somebody forgot to shave their armpits.

I have a difficult time believing that any nutrients or fluids flow from the main body to that rear appendage.

Speaks with a forked tongue.  As near as I can tell, a Great Basin Gopher Snake (Pituophis catenifer deserticola) .  He was about four feet long.  Non venomous.  It's diet is: Insects, Lizards, Birds, Eggs, and Small Mammals

Up close and looking for a kisssss.  A very handsome or pretty dude or dudette, not sure which.  I just didn't feel like asking.  lol

Where the Indians got the idea to be a cliff dweller.  From the American Cliff Swallow (Petrochelidon pyrrhonota).

The persistence and patience needed to build these nests is incredible.  Their tiny beaks can only carry a drop of mud at a time, times 1000 or more?  The closest water with mud was about a half mile away.

Closing in on a nearly finished nest.

I'm surprised they can do all this with no flight controller.

Somebody likes to stack rocks.

"Aww come on Jim, more Cactus flowers?"

I make no apology for my love of photographing the cactus flower.

Would of been nice to see while it was blooming.

I think the bee ate too much pollen.

Low to the ground cactus.  Very easy to step on if not watching your step.

Daisy, Daisy, wont you be mine.

Only example I saw of this one.  As near as I can tell, "Scarlet gilla aka Fairy Trumpets." 

I'm guessing Lupin, what do you think?

Can you see the South End of the Bee?  It appears this Cactus flower is more demanding of it's Bees then other flowers.

Up, up and away with it's load of pollen (upper right)  It's wing movement too fast for the camera to catch.

And vastly, a little local color.  Two men and two boys, with one boy showing off their catch for the evening.  Somebody's having trout for dinner. I forgot to get a model release but he did ask me if I wanted to see their catch.  I'm guessing this is Robin, not Batman.  They were fishing in a pond behind my campground in Rangely, CO and they were using "Power Bait" according to one of the fishermen.

No flowers were hurt while being shot for this photo journal.  


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