Morro Bay! has an annual "Kite Festival" and get this, they do it the last weekend in April, every year.  Where is Morro Bay?  You take 101 North from LA or  South from SFO.  If North, look for the Morro Bay and Highway 1 West sign on the North End of San Luis Obispo.  If South, look for the Morro Bay and Highway 41  West bound sign as you near Atascadero.  Morro Bay is a quaint modest little town whose claim to fame is a "Morro" in its bay as well as several in the country side as well.  A "Morro" is a volcanic feature, which is a rocky plug regurgitated by volcanic activity and then, this volcanic plug, gets exposed after million of years of erosion.  In the case of the Morro pictured below, it provided a rock quarry in the 50's as the rock it is made of, is very close to being as hard as marble.  Evidently, this is a very desirable characteristic for construction rock.

Kites on steroids, flying North of the Morro Rock formation.  Some of the larger kites use heavy straps to launch with, instead of string.  Some of the larger kites were anchored to the beach using sand bags.

Huge kites, huge fun to view.

It is interesting to see shapes flying that have no apparent aerodynamic flying shape, whatsoever.

The "Parrot" is our very own kite contribution, that we launched and flew, but only after some attachment adjustments.  Prior to the adjustments, our kite would take a vertical nose dive straight into the beach.

You can view this photo at the 2K pixel size by right clicking on the above and selecting "view image."

Barbara, as she is focused on flying our "Parrot" kite.  I kid you knot, according to her, this is the first time she ever flew a kite.  She is a certified pro kite flyer now.

Some kites were rotating, some were being flown in a combat mission, my point being, these kites are more then just static displays.

Somebody from immigration should be fired for letting this monster in.  He's a real threat with all of the smart bombs dangling from his streamers.

Birds of a different feather, flying together.  These two kites are quite animated with wings flapping and streamers dancing around.  I was thinking that we were the only one with a unique "Parrot" kite there, but as we were having a Hot Dog for lunch, a guy walks by, with the exact same kite.  We could of flown them together and had a flock of parrots going for us.  lol


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