A tiny hike through Wagon Wheel camping area, Ridgecrest, CA.   March 29, 2016

There is a naval Air Base (China Lake), adjacent to Ridgecrest so fly overs like this are common.

Would have been unspoiled except for OHV recreation.  

When camping at Wagon Wheel, you pretty much have a choice of whatever patch of ground that you need.  I tried to park behind a rock to hide from the wind.  It wasn't very effective.  Thankfully the wind has died down and my trailer is no longer rocking like as if I was having sex in it.

Another memorial at the top of a hill affixed permanently to a rock.  Guessing from the age, a 14 year old kid who forgot or was never told that you have more fun if you don't crash while riding your dirt bike. 

Looks more ant like to me but is probably some kind of wasp.

Looks like an ordinary Fence Post Lizard but really tiny.  For some reason the mid section is unusually large.  Probably from finding somebody's six pack stash.  A beer belly of sorts.

That orangish brown rock is the rock the lizard was sitting on.  Shown for size comparison to above photo.


Looks like a Sparrow but, can't tell for sure.

A macro image from the cacti shown below.

I can't believe how many flowers a single cacti can produce.  They will in turn, produce Prickly Pears.

California Quail (Calipepla californica)  The vane on his head could have been used to show the wind direction.  Not sure what that dirty spot is all about.  Perhaps he has hygiene issues.  

Same bird, different profile.

Now ain't that cute?  Two rocks; lip to lip, forever.  The rock in the background looks like a dog's head to me.  How about you?  What do you see?  In fact they all look like dogs.  Woof!

You've probably heard about the Lone Ranger, haven't you?  This is his sidekick, the "Lone Poppy."

Remember what I said about humble and small in the desert?  Here's another example of very small flowers.  Poor bees probably have to wear reading glass's to be able to find them.

What this desert is used for, OHV recreation.  


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