Beaver Tail Catus.  A lone cacti, located about 1/2 mile from my Death Valley Mesquite Spring camp site.  They are apparently rampant and in bloom in other parts of the park but, not so much for me in this area.

I took a side trip on a one way dirt road into "20 Mule Team Canyon."  It is just a little Southeast of the Furnace Creek camp grounds.  Stunning features!  When I see something like this, I try to imagine what it would have been like to be the first person to view without the benefit of airplanes, motorcycles or cars.  Maybe a horse, but that's all.  You couldn't take a picture so you had to sketch what you saw and then describe in detail where you had been and what you saw, gaining the reputation for being "Quite a Bull Shitter," as who would believe you?


Once in a while, I get an opportunity to present some abstract art.  This is a small stream in Ash Meadows, a National Wildlife Preserve in Nevada on the highway between Pahrump NV and Death Valley.  This is artesian water, simply appearing at the base of a mountain.  It can be no clearer or purer then this.

Since this stream is totally isolated from any other water sources, it has it's own unique Darwin lineage.  These are called "Pup fish."  About an inch and less in length and irredesent blue which of course, my camera does not capture.

Winters almost over and the grand outdoor life is being revived.


I am going to research and see if I can identify this beast.  Looks to me, a lot like some kind of Skink.  Too pretty to be a lizard, but maybe.

Same lizard/skink, different view.  You have got to love that tail, and the blue dotted spots, perfect.

Finally, somebody thought of putting in a UFO Flying Saucer landing pad.  As if we don't have enough difficulty with earthen aliens, already.  Now we are preparing to receive extraterrestrials as well.  I hope they don't look too freaky, like with puppy breasts or three legs, or ?

What the heck was I doing in Pahrump, NV?  I thought you would never ask.  In a word, Fireworks.  Pahrump is one of the few cities in the United States, that sanction stores with fireworks, that are open year round.

My son and his friends have a Fireworks addiction and I'm sad to admit, I'm his dealer.  I purchased three cases of mortars plus some other items like fuse and single shot mortars.  Of course I purchased the largest mortars they had.  Since my son prefers camping in wilderness desert and sand dune areas, fireworks are appropriate and legal (usually), for night time entertainment in most of these areas.  The net of it is, I am not encouraging any illegal activity, just robust and fun activity.


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