My first day at "Moon Rocks" a BLM ORV park 40 miles Northeast of Reno, NV.  A repeat of a previous visit I hiked to the top to yield this and other photos.  My campsite is viewable as that little white spec on the middle left in the flat area, on the right within the flat area.  This was on Friday, March 18.

Same Mountain top, different view, looking West.  The small trails you see are the ones for the dirt bikes.  The large ribbon on the middle right is an actual dirt road.

A tribute for Shannon.  Somebody went to an awful lot of trouble to do this, mounting a plaque then hiding a bottle of Tequila in front of the plaque.  This is also at the top of the same mountain mentioned previously.

The hiding place and after extraction. Pretty good Tequila, or so I am told.

Hannah, not Montana, had her first riding lesson here at Moon Rocks and is honing her riding skills.  Good for you Hannah.  She sure knows how to accessorize, doesn't she?  Anybody want to chip in to have her bike painted pink?

Silvia says, "Yes Jim, this tornado is taking me all the way to Kansas.  I'll see you later."  Conditions at our campsite varied from windy and chilly and rainy, to chilly, rainy and windy.  Still a lot of fun and visiting to be had.  

One afternoon, we took an arsenal of guns out to a popular (informal) shooting range and shot things that blew up, as well as at targets that were in less danger of being hit then landing a man on Mars.  Funny story, I purchased a Cow Bell target from Big 5 Sporting Goods.  I set it out on the range about 75 yards from us and then shot at it with a 32 Winchester lever action Deer rifle.  I hit it several times literally destroying it.  Then I read the fine print, "This cow bell is only good for 22 cal and smaller guns."  Oh well, it was amusing to actually hit it even though I destroyed it in the process.

Our final campfire night where all the wood in a five mile radius is piled on and torched with gas.  This was preceded by a wonderful show of mortars and firecrackers.  None of which I photographed because I was too busy enjoying.  The colored flames are produced by special packets thrown in the fire which yield the different colors.  Yes, high winds were prevalent so we all sat upwind, although one of the trailers got a little toasted.  Fun stuff, fun night.  

Everybody except me, left for home the next Monday morning.  I left for Death Valley traveling on my favorite highway, the 395. I was planning on or rather expecting to stay overnight in Lee Vining aka Mono Lake.  

Surprise, surprise, Hwy 395 has some actual elevation and it made me nervous about towing my trailer through some "Chains Required" areas that lasted sixty miles or so.  A fingernail biting experience for me. The other downside is that only crazy people and I, visit Lee Vining and June Lakes in the "off" season.  Not a single RV park was open forcing me to squat in a closed RV park at June Lake while the frozen snow pelted the roof of my trailer.  I got up the next morning expecting to be snowed in.  Fortunately, the storm wasn't that bad and I was able to exit June Lake without any difficulty.

Then, as I re-entered the Hwy 395, the chains required signs were flashing, which were clearly meant for me and my trailer.  Opps.  So, I nervously entered the highway trying to avoid the ice but in some sections, not possible.  I did test control of my car and was satisfied that as long as I kept my speed at the posted limit of 35 MPH, I would be safe.  When I did make it to Bishop and chains were no longer required, I was very happy.

I arrived at Death Valley in the middle of the day on Tuesday with to my surprise, a very busy campground and only one or two camp sites available. To make things worse, I'm towing a trailer that had very full holding tanks, after dry camping for five days.  I really needed a place to dump.

After turning over all of the campsite tickets, looking for an expired one, I finally found one that was expired and available.  So I claimed it and made a bee line to the trailer dumping station.  I heard an audible gasp from the trailer as it relieved itself.  I'm surprised it didn't ask for a magazine to read during the process.  lol


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