A salt flat located East of Ridgecrest,CA, photographed from near our campsite.

Grave markers? on a not so groomed graveyard.  This area we are recreating in, Spangler Hills, has a lot of these rock formations sprinkled throughout the desert.  It was fun trying to imagine any purpose they might have or had.

Stone Henge? in the Mojave Desert!  This formation was about a mile from our camp site.

Some of my friends enjoy imagining shapes in clouds, here's a turtle head coming out of his shell.  This one and the following one, were physically in the camping area.

and a bear climbing up the back of a rock.

A tour of the Trona Towers aka the Pinnacles.  A landscape so unusual, it has been filmed as a backdrop/location for many sci-fi movies.  This was also a popular destination for OHV excursions, accessible by dirt bikes and 4 wheel ATVs, from our campsite nearly 20 miles away.

Have you been to Mono Lake and observed or photographed the Tufa Towers there?  I know that I have.

These are also Tufa Towers only on a grander scale.  This was once a giant lake called Lake Searles.  During it's hey day, these Tufa formations were the result of hot springs melding with the lake chemicals to form these giant vertical structures.

This is an amazing site to visit.

Our campsite after two rigs had already left.  Me, with my Barbie Camper and my son and his friend with 42' Toy Haulers.  I do believe my camper would fit inside either trailer.  LoL!  On the plus side, I can take my trailer almost anyplace a car can go.  Most of the places I like to camp, have a 25' trailer restriction.  Mine is 17'.


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