My son invited me to camp with him and a group of off road enthusiasts.  About twenty people showed up and five or six RV trailers.  This OHV park is a huge piece of Nevada desert wilderness known as Moon Rocks.  It is about 30 miles NE of Reno. GPS: 39.826019,-119.7434793

This is my son Todd and Zen, a Sophomore in High School, in the RZR (pronounced Razor, the one with four wheels) and Mike on his (abnormally large) 500CC Dirt Bike.

More about the "Party Camp Ahead," sign later.

Spinning doughnuts!  A terrible waste of time and adrenaline.  However, if you can get your passenger to scream like a gurl, it is well worth the effort.

Yes, you need a pilots license to fly in a RZR

Mike, on the gas at the top of a hill climb.

Yes, Mike thinks he is in control.  Sometimes, the bike is in control and you are just the rider.

Later that same day, we went to the "track" area, shot some skeet and a few pistols and watched Thomas (19 years old) scale a near vertical climb in the snow.  You wouldn't try hiking up this but he takes it straight on with no switch back at all.

Same hole, different track, blazing a new trail.

Zoom, at the top.

A third successful try as well.

This is Thomas, after his wall climbing stint.

A close up view of dirt bikes and their single purpose use, to have fun and go were most men would fear to tread.  Notice the tires and the heavy duty long travel shock absorbers/springs on the front forks.  The more fork travel, the faster you can go over the rough stuff.  Yes lights, for riding in the desert without the benefit of sunlight and for chasing Jack Rabbits in the dark of night.  Good clean fun, except for the Jack Rabbit.

On the "gas."

My son and Jarret (another camper) in their RZRs, coming down after a hill climb.

The toe of the giant at the end of the bean stalk.

A Pano view of some of the "Moon" rocks in the area.  Notice that the toe shot is on the right.

What that "Party Camp Ahead" sign was all about.  4 each 700W amplified speakers and a drive in sized projection screen.  Nathan was setting this up and he could have well been an organizer for Burning Man.  He was setting up for a party and nothing was too grand for it.  Thankfully, his speakers were pointed away from our campsite.  He also did a lot of mortars as the night progressed.  Pretty ones, big ones, lots of em.  Kept us entertained even though we were about 150 yards away.

When we arrived, the night time temperature dropped to 22F.  During the day, about 40F.  When we left, about 30F and 55F during the day.  

My shower feature in my trailer wasn't working so well.  My brand new tankless water heater was not warming up the water to even a tepid temperature.  Besides that, the shower drain froze and I ended up standing ankle deep in cold shower water.  After some experimentation, I managed to figure out that the inlet temperature to the water heater had to be above 60F to make the outlet water temperature above 100F.  My holding water dropped down to 40F so all the water heater was putting out was 80F.  Not even close to warm.  

So, how did I get the holding water tank heated up so I could take a shower?  I dumped the fresh heated shower water into a gallon jug and back into the holding tank until I could get the temperature of the holding tank above 60F.  Then I would take a shower.  Clever, but took about an hour to get the holding tank temp up.  One of my less helpful campers suggested I should have lit a campfire under my water holding tank.  He was the same guy throwing firecrackers into the campfire and laughing when the sparks flew.

Front view of my son's new trailer.

Rear view of my son's toy trailer with room for one more dirt bike.  The RZR has a right rear flat tire and dented rim, the consequence of hitting a rather large rock too hard.  There are two full sized beds on rails that lower down for sleeping, when the toys are removed.  You can see where the beds are by where the linens are hanging down, flapping in the wind.  Another neat feature is the ramp can be raised flat and be used as a patio with the gates/fence all the way around it.  Since they have two rambunctious dogs, this makes an ideal kennel as well.

Packed up and ready to head back to Loomis, CA, Thomas and his Dad "T" on Sunday.

Another "Fusion" toy hauler, and fellow camper leaving on Sunday.  His back end is also packed with an RZR and a dirtbike.

Packing up and getting ready to load the toys.  The three strange looking vehicles on the right are called "Quads," different then an RZR because you sit on top of them like a dirt bike instead of inside.  The two little girls barely visible at the left side of the ramp door on the trailer, were taking turns on a smaller quad, doing a circle close by where "Mom" could keep an eye on them.  Me, I would have put  a GPS tracker on em and cut em loose.  What could possibly go wrong? lol

Our campsite.  The rig like my son's shown above, had already left.  My car and trailer on the left.  My son had loaded up his pickup bed with a huge amount of firewood, enough to leave some behind.  Turns out, the nights were so cold that all the wood got used up on the last night.  The fire pit is right in front of my son's rig.  That circle of rocks.

All the above photos were taken with a Canon EOS 5D MKii camera body, a wide angle zoom: 24-105mm L IS 1:4 USM lens and a 100-400mm telephoto lens.


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