Road tripping in September 2015 to Crater Lake after a short stop at Lassen National Park.

Ginormously beautiful with an indigo hue.  That's a cinder cone island feature on the left.  The lake is very deep at 1,949 ft.  The lake surface is at an elevation of 6,178 ft. I visited this lake in May of 2008 and had to leave as the campground was closed due to snow and snowing.

Like a cup of water for Paul Bunyon.  The surface area of the lake is approximately 26 square miles.  It is 6 miles wide at it's maximum length.

They call this cinder cone Wizard Island.  There is a second cinder cone "Merriam" that they call an island but it's top does not poke above the surface. 

MOTS, molded by the hand of time.

Shifting gears, I stayed the weekend camping in Mount Maddona County Park on October 18.  I wasn't able to hike on Sunday with the Singleaires because of a medical issue so I went touring in Watsonville instead.  Touring Watsonville?  Who does that?  I do. (lol)  Then I happened across an unexpected feature, a cemetery being visited by the relatives of the deceased with plentiful flowers and decorations on almost all the grave sites.  The traditional "Day of the Dead" event is actually October 31 to November 2.  So, I am guessing this was an early showing or normal for this community.  I did photograph and enjoy wandering amongst the different markings picking out particularly interesting ones to share with you. 

Notice the night light in the upper right corner, for the deceased to read by at night and also notice the photographs.  I really enjoyed seeing markers with photographs.

This baby's mother was there and left these decorations for the baby on the left.  Both markers are for one day old babies.  Different babies for different mothers, I would assume. The mother looked to be in her early 20s and dressed in her Sunday best.  She was very sad and spent an awful lot of time just being there in the moment.  She did smile and say "Yes, it is."  When I asked if this was her baby.  I then said "I am sorry for your loss." leaving her to continue thinking about her life and baby.

Some decorations were very elaborate.  Two of the Halloween figures were animated and solar powered.  Also a child's grave.

This photo speaks volumes of the love and devotion of the relatives who decorated this grave.  Passed away in October 2011.

Another child's grave marker.

Very few markers were left undecorated.

Some bought lawn mowers and sculpted designs and outlines in the grass.

I was touched by how pretty the flowers are.  78 years old.

and this one too.  These two markers were side by side so it appears from the dates, the father was 78 years old (first photo) and the son was 56 years old.  His father would have been 25 years old when Simon was born.  I did enjoy seeing the photographs on the markers.  It kind of gave me a sense for the person.

Seems like a harvest theme on these two markers.

The residents of Taos NM, also had decorated grave sites when I was touring through there many Summers ago.  It is nice that people care and do this.  If more people honored the dead maybe we would be less inclined to kill each other.

All the above photos were taken with a Canon EOS 5D MKii camera body, a wide angle zoom: 24-105mm L IS 1:4 USM lens and a 100-400mm telephoto lens.


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