"Want to go camping with me Dad?"  Two days to get to the Oregon Coast and the "Oregon Dunes" National park with more sand then any kitten could ever or would ever wish for.  Multi purpose trip: break in a new RV trailer (my son's, not mine), Celebrate my Granddaughters 27th birthday and hunt for a dream house (for my son) to retire too.  He doesn't hit 50 till next year and he is already planning his retirement.  Lucky adult kid.

This is his new toy rig.  Hidden from view in the back of it: a Polaris RZR and a Dirt Bike.  Our first night of camping was at Lake Shasta (shown) then on to a KOA campground with access to the Oregon Dunes.

My rig, barely the length of two picnic benches.  My sons's rig is probably six benches long.  Parking is easy for me, not so much for him.

Off the Oregon coast as viewed from Oregon's Charleston State Park.  Click on the photo for a view of all of the seals packed on the beach like Sardines in a can.

A resident Gray Whale (according to a docent) Eschrichtius robustus, barely recognizable in this photo but truly a whales tail in the following photo.

I stumbled on a pond full of frogs.  It is rare to get a chance to photograph frogs so I went a little overboard.  This is the Oregon Spotted Frog Rana pretiosa.

Yum, frog legs.

Because of his reflection in the water..........

and because he's looking at me.

A tadpole, morphing into a frog.  All that is left is for the tail to be absorbed, from the looks of it.  A teenager, so to speak.

A couple of pretty flowers, a pond Lilly and

Who knows, but it is pretty.

A Dragon Fly!

A mating pair of Damsel flies.

A Double Crested Cormorant.  Phalacrocorax auritus

Same Cormorant in a dive.

The top side of a Turkey Vulture.  Me on a cliff, it, flying below.

Just in case you were wondering.....

All the above photos were taken with a Canon EOS 5D MKii camera body and a wide angle zoom: 100:400mm L IS 1:5.2 USM lens.


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