IPhone (only) photos.

Fred and Debbie, DeDe's Father and Step Mother, celebrating (soon) their 16th wedding anniversary.  Congrats kids.

Doesn't look like an expert pool player, does he?

Proof of being there..........

An actual skull of a Texas Longhorn.

At my friends house in Mena, AR.

A hunting cabin, deep in the woods down a dirt road, a one mile walk from my friends house.  The only thing needed to complete this photo is a 16 year old boy sitting on the porch, playing a banjo.

Same place from afar.

A cowboy dugout in Palo Duro Canyon park.  Very sturdy, looked to be wind and weather proof.

Inside shots.  Notice the checker board played with light and dark colored rocks.  Clever and cheap and available locally.

All photos on this page, were taken with an Apple IPhone.


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