More Photos from Death Valley, Wild Rose area (West of Stove Pipe Well).  3/7/15

It's difficult to see but a bird nest is in the hole on a cliff.  Some bird noticed a hole in the wall and made use of it.

So, another dirt road adventure, this time through a "Gold" mining area known as "Skidoo" and aka 23 Skidoo.  This specific area is being returned to wilderness status.  Signs indicting that are all over the place.  You can see faint tracks where a trail was and a sign across it indicating this area is being return to Wilderness status.  Hooray for not letting the place get tore up by ORVs just because this land has no monetary worth.

An apparent original structure which shows on the inside, apparent roof repair attempts in order to preserve it.  Being in a desert, it may actually last another hundred years before the railroad ties used to build it with, completely disintegrate. There was a paper log inside which visitors could use instead of writing or carving on the walls, that they had been here..  I didn't.  It is encouraging that vandals are apparently leaving this historic site in the middle of no where, alone.  It has an apparent use as a camp shelter but doubtful if anybody would risk using for camping after being warned about Hantavirus, a virus borne by rodents feces, wild rodents especially.  Remember what happened at the cabins in Yosemite?  An airborne Hantavirus disease was contracted by either breathing it in or transferring it from hands to nose or eyes.  I don't remember if anybody died but being sick while camping is enough fun for one trip.

A mine shaft located across the road from the above shanty.

Now protected from entry.  I saw the ladder and wondered if it led anywhere and then I discovered the suicide barrier that was put in place, I assume by rangers.

That same one room shanty from afar, to give you an idea of the remoteness of this area.

Another mine shaft blocked with debris.

Returning to Wilderness, is a slow process for some.

Brillo Scrub Pad bush?

You can see, it really is a bush and apparently alive although it appears to be in various stages of live and dead.

So, this bear spotted this opening, had a door put on it, and is now the envy of all the other bears that don't have doors on their cave.

A little California history.  The dollar figure for the Gold mined here seems a little conservative to me. Especially given the size of the community and the subsequent photo which claims a pipe was laid for a quarter million.

A shot up an Arroyo behind my campsite.  White stuff is snow.  The camp is at 1700' so those peaks with snow are at or about the 6000' or so height.


Can you spot the Grasshopper?  I did because I saw where it landed.  It is located in the exact center.

Here's what he looks like.  Even difficult to spot when close up.

Desert flora.


Ditto, again.

I hiked from my camp site to the top of a hill which looked a lot like these hills as well.  In fact I was standing at the top of that hill doing this photo.  The whole hike was 2 miles and 500'.  Now, if you did 500' every mile for five miles, that would be a 3C hike.  Just trying to give you an idea of how steep it was to climb the hill I was on.

A desert Skink of some sort.  Definitely not a Lizard.  It was very small and it's movement was snake like, which is more characteristic of a skink.

Close up!

The Mesquite Camp Ground from across the dry wash. (A hundred yards away.)  Yes, that's my campsite!  This campground originally had spaces for 80 campers and some bright Ranger came up with the idea of reducing it to 40, I suspect to accommodate the larger RV's or maybe this site was not that popular so it didn't need space for 80 sites.  Get this, $12 per campsite and $6 if you have a senior pass.  3 days for me and only $18.  Wonderful bargain.

BTW, I have this idea to improve Lake Tahoe, both for water clarity and to reverse the dropping water level.  Like the rangers did for this campground, I would do for Lake Tahoe.  Condem and demolish every even address, indiscriminately, no exceptions.  It would cut the population in half, overnight.  The lake clarity would renew and the lake level would improve immediately. Problem solved.

My campground as viewed from the hill I climbed.  (A mile away.)

All photos were taken with a Canon EOS 5D MKii camera body and a 100 to 400mm 1:4.5-5.6 L IS telephoto zoom lens as well as a wide angle zoom: 24-105mm L IS 1:4 USM lens.


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