Photos from Morro Bay, CA  3/3/15

The Morro, Morro Bay is named after.  What is interesting is that this is the remnant of Volcanic activity 25 billion years ago, off of the coast of Mexico.  Just as we are destined to crash into Alaska, these remnants migrated all the way from Mexico.  They took an aerial shot looking South East from this Morro and you can see a whole string of them stretching way off in the distance, like you could imagine photographing the Hawaiian Islands from the air and observing how they are strung out in a Volcanic line.

Edible?  I don't know.  Unusual, yes.

A fishing boat! tied up at the Morro Bay State Park Marina.

A Blue Heron in a Green Tree.

I have no idea.  Out in the middle of the bay in an office looking cage.  Harvesting something?  Researching something?  Who knows?

A female Buffle Head Duck, going for the gold.  From a floating position, she pushes up with her feet, arches her body, and down she goes after another minnow sized fish.  Notice how her body is completely out of the water as she arches into her dive?  Amazing.

Shore birds!

Hummm three notes, I think I know the name of that tune.

It is impolite to point.

Brandt Geese, blasting off for another part of Morro Bay.

Click on the above for a high res version.

Click for a high res photo.  (Don't do that if you are still on a dial up modem.) lol Mixed shore birds darting for better feeding grounds.

Looks like a first cousin to the one up in Palo Alto Baylands, the one that needed a napkin to wipe his bill with.  This one was nibbling also but managed to keep it off his bill..

Blissfully paired?  American Kestrels, a type of Falcon, Falco sparverius

A Starling, scratching it's head, wondering why it is so far from it's home country of England. Seriously, some person from England thought that because we dumped their Tea, that they could dump Starlings, first in New York and then they spread without any help at all, over the entire continent.  I remember the first sighting in my home town of Elk Grove, CA (near Sacramento) in 1957.  My friend Darrell, while drawing a bead on it, and muttering under his breath, "Damn pests." Then bang, one less Starling, but did nothing to effect the eventual takeover of CA.  Did you know that they are related to Mynas and Dippers?  I didn't.

High rise apartments, for lease or rent......  about 50 feet up.

All photos were taken with a Canon EOS 5D MKii camera body and a 100 to 400mm 1:4.5-5.6 L IS telephoto zoom lens as well as a wide angle zoom: 24-105mm L IS 1:4 USM lens.


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