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Wagon Wheel, a Desert Park for ORV s, NV  (Dec 30) 

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Randsburg, a touristy ghost town by Wagon Wheel  (Dec 29)

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Ploughing up the desert in Moonrocks, NV  (Nov 3-8)

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Crater Lake, Oregon and a cemetery in Watsonville, CA. (Oct)

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Some preserve tripping and a tour of an aircraft carrier  (Sep 1,2,7)

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Tripping on the Oregon Coast  (Aug 24)

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A Sunday Afternoon Hike, Tar Water Creek Loop Trail  (Aug 13)

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Pinnacles National Park, CA  (May 2)

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Colorado River, AZ and a Wild Life Refuge  (April 23,24)

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Aztec Ruins, Aztec, NM  (April 19)

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Valle Grande, NM  (April 18)

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Bandelier National Monument, NM  (April17)

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Miscellaneous IPhone Shots  (up to April 14)

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Miscellaneous Shots, (up to April 14)

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Padre Island National Sea Shore, TX, (March 31)

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Big Bend National Park, TX, Part  III (March 24)

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Big Bend National Park, TX, Part  II (March 23)

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Big Bend National Park, TX, Part I (March 21)

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Touring the Pima Air Museum in Tucson, AZ  (March 16)

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Salton Sea, CA and Painted Rock, AZ (March 14)

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Death Valley West, Wild Rose Area (March 8)

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Death Valley North, Racetrack Area (March 6)

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Morro Bay, the very first page of a two month trip (March 3)

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Musing's (02/18) 

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