My Daily Travel Journal   
I aspire to update this journal as often as possible so that my friends and family can track my travel progress and not freak if I don't post photos for a long time.  Sometimes I will forecast where I am going, as well.


5/29 Just a compilation of photos after getting my camera repaired for $300 (again).
1/31 Arrived home about 11:30.  Had a wonderful lunch with my Son Todd.  Happy Chinese New Year!
1/30 Spent the night at the "Pinnacles"
1/29 Lovely day in Morro Bay. Didn't hike very much.  Just felt like goofing off instead.
1/28 Had an imaginary visit with my Sister, now camping in Morro Bay looking fwd to a hike tomorrow.
1/27 Left Salton Sea area.  Wonderful drive today. Camping in Oak Grove, CA six miles E of my sister's place.
1/26 Touring Salton Sea area.
1/25 Arrived North Shore Salton Sea, camping for two nights (state campground)
1/24 Departed Texas, Sitting and camping at a Truck Stop, Gila Bend AZ on Hwy 8 West of Phoenix
1/23 Did laundry, got a haircut, had my car washed, ate at a tasty Chinese Restaurant, didn't do Juarez
1/22 Camping WalMart in El Paso, TX

Camped at Chisos Basin area, photographed birds and hiked w/o camera


Camped at Chisos Basin area, photographed Quicksilver Mine, Hot Springs, pictographs


Camped at Big Bend, TX, Chisos Basin area, desert like Death Valley only bigger and less scenic.

1/18 Camped at a WalMart in Del Rio, TX
1/17 Camped at Padre Island, & taking photos
1/16 Camped at Padre Island, East of Corpus Christi, TX

Camped at Braunig Lake Park, East of San Antonio, TX

1/14 Left Stu and Saundra and Arkansas, camped at a Walmart East of Dallas, TX
1/13 Stacked wood while Stu chain sawed, took photos
1/12 Stacked wood while Stu chain sawed
1/11 Visited a friend of Stu's and attempted to help with frozen pipe fix.
1/10 Arrived at Stu's and Saundra's in afternoon, heavy rain for last 24 hours
1/9 Camped at a lake (with shower) in an Oklahoma State Park, close to Arkansas border
1/8 More Walmart camping
1/7 Left for Mena, AR, drove up to Hwy 40.  While camping at WalMart temps dropped to 9 degrees F
1/6 Hung lamps and had dinner down town Prescott. Staying at Karin and Bruce's.
1/5 Photographed birds at a lake in Prescott, stayed with Karin and Bruce
1/4 Hooked up trailer, went to Prescott AZ and stayed with friends Karin and Bruce
1/4 Had trailer hitch installed on new car and did some break in miles going to Beatty, NV and back.
1/3 Decided to replace car with new one from Toyota, camped in trailer
1/2 Car diagnosis revealed $3K to $4K in repairs needed on a car valued at 5K
1/2 Towed broken car from Chevy dealer in Pahrump to Toyota dealer in Las Vegas, camped in trailer
1/1/14 Towed trailer from Death Valley to Las Vegas, stayed in Motel in Pahrump
12/31 Unable to fix car in Pahrump, stayed in Motel in Pahrump
12/30 Had my car towed to Pharump, $117 in tow charges for exceeding my 100 mile limit, stayed in Motel
12/29 Finished the dirt road but my car died 2 miles after hitting the asphalt.
12/29 Should have stayed in bed, instead took a 54 mile dirt road in my near death car
12/28 Left my trailer in the camp and drove to Beatty, NV for gas and Propane, returned via Titus Canyon

Set out to tour the Volcanic Crater in Death Valley

12/27 Moved to a camp ground further North and close to"Scotty's Castle."
12/26 Camped in Death Valley for the night at Stove Pipe Wells
12/25/13 Camped overnight in a WalMart, Fresno, CA
12/25/13 Left San Jose packed with anticipation and guilt

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