A flock of "Heermaan's Gulls"  click on the photo for a mega picture.

Boo! (To the Egret nearby.)

"You want to do what to me?"  A "Great Egret" having second thoughts of having challenged a freshly landed "Little Blue Heron" to fishing rights,

"I don't think so Mr. Egret."

Funny observation, this Great Egret went after the freshly landed Heron and then the Egret discovered he was out matched, like bringing a knife to a gun fight.  If you follow all four previous photos, the Egret ends up with nothing but ruffled feathers for all of his troubles.  Darn, it hurts to be out punked, by a Heron.

Fun to watch, ducks in flight.

Amazon, having discovered drones are too costly, is now training Egrets to deliver packages, akin to how we used to employ Storks for delivery of babies before Hospitals were invented.

"It's great to be me."

Maybe the Egrets should form a club The "Eagle Eyed Egrets of Existentialism" and bully the Heron's out of the pond.  lol  "You look weird, You can't fish here."

Quack, quack.  A gossip of ducks, Mallard and Shovelers and ?  (I made gossip up.  Don't quote me. lol)

"Yummy, yummy, something delicious is headed for my tummy.  I love Happy Hour.  The snacks are delicious."

Mr. and Mrs. Grebe.  The cute one is the guy, lol.

Might be a Towhee, hee, hee.  Actually it's a male "Slate Colored Junco"

"Don't bug me."  I love magnifying nature shots.  This one is on top of a weathered piece of wood. Shown about 4X.

 "I could use a scratch behind my right ear, how about it?"

 "I paid big money for an exotic tropical Island and look at what I ended up with.  The worst part is, that Nigerian fella wont return my calls."  Says the "Brown Pelican."

At Pigeon Point Light house, "Bi-colored Red Winged Black Birds" pulling a 2g maneuver, while doing their formation flying exercise.  Only the males have wing coloring.  The females are brownish with no distinct wing coloring.

Brown Pelicans flying over the Hawaiian Islands.  Also at Pigeon Point Light House.

Yee haw!

My next home site, viewed overhead from the cockpit of a 747.  A small water problem exists but my plan is to plant fish, lots of fish and build my house on stilts.  I'll build around the existing trees. Having lots of water is a blessing, don't you know.  You can visit me but you must expect to enjoy fish for all three meals. lol

All photos were taken with a Canon EOS 5D MKii camera body and a 100 to 400mm 1:4.5-5.6 L IS telephoto zoom lens as well as a wide angle zoom: 24-105mm L IS 1:4 USM lens.


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