Honkers!  Taking off from a beach on the Salmon River from my camp ground at the "Cottonwood."

PF at Cottonwood

more PF


more PF, looks like wild Safflower to me.

I liked the colors and patterns and reflections.

Part of what appeared to be a small deer or fawn as evidenced by other bones in the area.  An example of eat or be eaten.  Appears to have happened in last six months.

A caterpillar who knows how to accessorize.

The high water mark for the Salmon river, usually achieved during the Spring runoff.

"Hopping down the Bunny trail."  A Bush Rabbit AKA a Cottontail.  Also a camp mascot.

Fun campground, the Cottonwood.  This camp had a host who was very gracious and communicative.  He provided free wireless for the whole camp which I used to post the last page (8).  He was in the process of preparing for the winter and trying to figure out where the Pack Rat was setting up house keeping inside his RV rig.  A hazard of being a camp host, which I hadn't considered.  From the Pack Rats view, the rig hadn't moved for several months so, why not?

My next post is from "Craters of the Moon" a National Monument in Idaho.  An incredible, vast, desolate, useless, pretty, interesting, place.

Canon EOS 5D MKii and a 100 to 400mm 1:4.5-5.6 L IS telephoto zoom lens and a wide angle zoom: 24-105mm L IS 1:4 USM.


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