Taken from my campsite in Idaho on the Salmon River at Cottonwood Campground off of Highway 93.  (I started this trip from Missoula.)

Taken on a hike from a hillside on the North side of Missoula

Anybody remember the "Emperor of the North?  Lee Marvin doing the train riding Hobo with Ernest Borgnine, the bad ass train bull, and Keith Carradine, a hobo in training.  BNSF, the combined Burlington, Northern and Santa Fe rail lines.  Taken from the pedestrian overpass on the hiking trail to the Kootenai River Falls

Kootenai River Falls

The Kootenai River Falls on Highway 2 between Bonners Ferry, Idaho and Kalispell, Montana. (both photos, same place, same falls)  Only about a ten foot drop but a whole river spilling over it.

Just one of the hundreds of sights to see in Glacier National Park.  This falls is on the East side of Logan's Pass going towards the East entrance on a tour around the park ending up back at the West entrance.  We spent one, then two, then three, then four nights at Glacier.  It was too exciting a place to visit to just spend one night.

The obligatory park bear, a Brown Bear, a staff bear.  What's a staff bear?  That's a bear that the park pays to roam roadside to satiate the tourists need to see an uncaged zoo animal.  The bigger the traffic jam, the more they get paid.

A PF (Pretty Flower) in Glacier.

At one of the Ranger campfire talks, the Ranger mentioned that if you get down on your hands and knees, the forest floor is carpeted with over forty different species of mosses.  I did that and I do believe the Ranger is right.  Also in Glacier. (An IPhone photo)

A hike into Avalanche Lake in Glacier Park.  One look at the steep mountain sides surrounding it and it is not difficult to understand why it is called "Avalanche"  Lake. (An IPhone photo)

Now Missoula, Montana, my birth town.  This is the Clark Fork River as viewed from the Higgins Street Bridge.  I was amazed to find three or four surfers with actual surf boards, surfing the rapids.  Can you see?  Hint; look to the left of the island, and to the right of the BFR.  The other two stick figures are fishermen wading knee deep into the river.  I watched him balance on this rapid, weaving back and forth for over five minutes.  They get on the island and then jump into the rapid belly first with their surf board and then stand up and ride.  Who even thought of that?  Seriously?  (Photo taken well after sunset with my IPhone)

 The Wilma Movie Theater and the place I spent my errant teen age youth in watching movies like "And God Created Woman." starring Briget Bardot.  Probably my first memory of viewing a woman sans clothes.  This photo also shows the entrance to the Higgins Street Bridge and is about 100 yards from where the surfers were plying their fun.  (an IPhone photo.)

The Montana "M" upper left as shot from a Northern hillside hiking trail.  All the towns in Montana with a hillside, plant an initial of their town or in this case the big "M" for the Montana State University. The University is located immediately below the "M."  The Summer evening thing to do, is to climb up to the "M" and watch the sunset as shown in the next photo.

The kid on the right is resting his rump on the left edge of the "M."  All the students pictured here are from the University.  The "M" used to be made out of White Washed Rocks.  It was a University ritual for the students to hike up to the "M" and repaint it in the Fall of every year.  The "M" is now made out of concrete and appears not to need painting anymore.  This photo is tinted by the setting sun.  You can see by the shadows, that the sun is almost the exact opposite of the viewers.

A view from the switch backs leading up to the "M" and looking at the Northern hillside where I shot the "M" as noted in a previous photo.  The stadium is part of the University of Montana.  Notice how steep the switchbacks are.  Like running up the stadium stairs, times 100.

A view of the Clark Fork as photographed from the trail going up to the "M."  The Higgins Street Bridge on the left and the Island where the surfers were, barely visible under the bridge to the right.  The city has developed a "River " trail on both sides of the river for biking and hiking.  A wonderful feature to explore if you ever make it to Missoula.  The near bridge is Hwy 12 and access to the University.

This is supposedly one of the original homesteads in Missoula.   I wasn't able to get any closer then this shot from my 400mm lens.  It does look weathered enough to qualify though.

From my Idaho campsite.  A younger American Robin.

A Funny (peculiar) story about a Montana man who dug himself into a deep deep hole because he couldn't manage his anger.  A great read.  (Only in Montana?)

Canon EOS 5D MKii and a 100 to 400mm 1:4.5-5.6 L IS telephoto zoom lens and a wide angle zoom: 24-105mm L IS 1:4 USM.


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