Prepping a Sheep for the big show.

Knot tying example.  Seemed to be a fairly humane way to handle the bovine (cow).

This was a preliminary shot for the 4H and FFA (Future Farmers of America) kids at showing their pigs and to learn how to properly show their animals.  The judge, with his back to the camera, would note how well the kids were eyeing him and how well they controlled their pig to show it properly to the judge.  The pigs had to be constantly moving while under control while keeping an eye on the judge.  Personally, it appeared to me that the judge preferred the young lady's who smiled at him the most.

I hope this is not the spitting kind.

Cute enough to kiss?

This is the same size and brand of tractor I drove as a kid growing up in the Elk Grove, CA area.  Point Pleasant to be exact.  My step father Wesley taught me how to drive it when I was about 9 years old.  He would mount the implement to use for the day: a mower, a disk, or whatever was needed, then instruct me on what to do and then leave me alone to do it.  Sometimes three or four hours, sometimes all day.  Kids were a cheap source of labor for the farm family.  

The fair?  A fun fair, fun memories.  The Boundry County Annual Fair.  Boundry County? A pretty reasonable name since this Idaho County borders Canada on the North end.  

On opening day I took all the above photos and then at lunch time I returned for an Italian Sausage sandwich I was eying previously.  I should have take a photo of it.  The bun was at least 9" and the sausage 12".  I saved half for dinner.  Then the next day, I went back for the tri-tip sandwich.  Same thing, a huge portion and a generous serving of BBQ sauce.  The sauce was so good, I went back for some more and then returned again to tell the three ladies running the booth, "I'm from San Jose, CA.  This is the best tri tip sandwich I have ever eaten."  Lots of smiles and thank you in return.

While eating my TT Sandwich, I struck up a conversation with a game warden who was babysitting their display booth.  I asked him what his best "poaching story" was.  If you don't know, poaching is the illegal taking of fish or game.  He thought a moment and then told me this, "Well, I got a call on a tip line that some guys were spotlighting deer and had taken quite a few already.  They said that if I sat in front of (name left out to protect the innocent) house that I would see them coming down the road about midnight.  So I arrived at the designated house and sat and sat and sat some more.  After about two hours the owner of the house came out carrying a deer rifle and told me, "I've had this rifle pointed at your head ever since you arrived then I got curious and figured possibly you weren't who I thought you were." Well it turns out that this guy, the owner of the house, was a gun collector and had also received a call warning him somebody was going to drop by at Midnight to rob him."  Yep, somebody had set the game warden up for a nasty accident.  Fortunately, the owner of the house was able to think past his immediate reaction and was able to reason things out for himself.  The game warden speculated that because he had busted a guy out on parole for gun possession, that him or his family had sought revenge on him, especially since the parolee had to go back to prison.

What ever happened to taking responsibility for your own deeds? and  "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."   This story could have had a bad ending, one I would have never heard because the person I was talking too, wouldn't have been there.

Canon EOS 5D MKii and a 100 to 400mm 1:4.5-5.6 L IS telephoto zoom lens and a wide angle zoom: 24-105mm L IS 1:4 USM.


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