Moon rise over a Canadian river.

Lots of smoke still in the air.

Catch me if you can!  I thought I was taking a photo of a pretty flower but WoW! got a spider too.  Do you see em?, because I didn't when I took the picture.  These flowers are the size of a quarter and the spider is like the size of the date stamp on a quarter.  Amazing.

 No hidden critters, just pretty meadow flowers.

I needed to get some exercise and in the absence of any trails, I hiked up the rather steep road from the Highway to my campsite.  Fortunately, I was happy to find a bunch of butterflies.  The butterfly in this photo is resting on ? guess what? Link to the original photo (before cropping).  Don't have any idea what that other bug is.  Just a bug looking to steal the butterfly's shot from the looks of it.

When getting nature shots, you take what you can get.  I chased this butterfly trying to get a better shot but hey, "You don't always get what you want." Mick Jagger.

Two photos of the same butterfly, a closed and open case so to speak.

Somebody dotted their "I's" then forgot the "I."  The "open" case.  (The same butterfly as the previous one.)

Same butterfly as the previous one.

Weed Seeds?

 An Osprey, catching a thermal air current (up elevator) to gain altitude.

The obligatory Chipmunk shot, "Peek a boo."

Could be a model for an advertisement of "Hair Plugs" for men so must be a male caterpillar, I would guess or maybe you have a better caption?  I'm curious why they look the same on both ends.  The head is on the right butt so symmetrical unless you saw it motivating, it would be difficult to tell.

I love to use these kinds of shots as background images for my PC.  Right click then "view image" right click again and "set as background image."

Canon EOS 5D MKii and a 100 to 400mm 1:4.5-5.6 L IS telephoto zoom lens and a wide angle zoom: 24-105mm L IS 1:4 USM.


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