A sunset on Charlie Lake, Alberta, Canada.  (Damn those trees. ;=) I camped here one night.

A pair of Ravens giving me the evil inquisitive eye, never more.  At least they aren't breaking the "No dogs" allowed rule.  (Charlie Lake)

There were several of these flitting about or should I say, playing around.  Lots of high pitched calls and aerobatics.  Very fun to watch. (Charlie Lake)

Wow!  Control Tower to Major Tong, you are cleared for takeoff.  (Charlie Lake)

Juveniles....., not Mallards.

I'll have fifty seven white flowers for dessert.

A clover flower serving nectar to a clover flower connoisseur.

A curiosity, how the bark has ruffled ridges, very different.


A feature in Watson Lake, Yukon, the first town entering the Yukon Provence from the Alaskan Hwy originating in Dawson Creek, BC.  Thousands of (stolen?) signs from throughout the world.  150,000 or more by my own rough estimate.  You could spend hours looking over this collection before finding the one you have been missing.  I guarantee you, if you are missing a sign: city, county, state, personal, etc.  I'll bet you can find it here.  Tackiest, least interesting tourist feature that I have ever seen.  Why would a town even allow displaying this?  Might be a Native (Aboriginal) thing.

Right click on the above image and select "view image" to read some of the individual signs.


A sight seeing helicopter being sight seen.

I saw a lady cleaning a fish called a Pike.  They have pretty colors but they are butt ugly looking, so ugly only a Mother could stand em, but great to eat according to the fish cleaning lady. They do have scales.

Why you don't speed in the Canadian outback.  A common Black Bear, not dangerous like the Grizzly aside from the damage it could do to a car if you hit it.  It was not in a hurry to get out of my way.  This was the fourth Black Bear that I had seen while driving, in just one day.  I talked to one couple coming back from Alaska and they had seen nine Black Bears on this same day.

 These trees are weird with all the seed cones only at the very top.  I believe these are "Black Spruce."

Strange flower (bed) fellas.  I wonder if that Mosquito has me reserved for dinner?  One thing Canada has, is lots of Mosquitos.

He's called a Red Squirrel but some are redder then others.

Nothing worse then a comedic Red Squirrel laughing at his own jokes after scarring the krap out of me..

Dease Lake, Hwy 37, BC shore birds.

An airport for floater planes, also on Dease Lake, BC, Canada

A "starter" home, Dease Lake, BC

Just pretty pre-historic grass, similar to Pescadero Creek in California, but not as robust.

and last and surely least, another Alligator caught in the act of capturing a fish.  Those teeth alone are enough to scare any sane person.

A church in Cassara, BC, Canada at the intersection of Hwy 37 and hwy 16.  View the high res photo below to discover what the plaque says above the entry door.

      High res photo's, right click to view

"Smoke, gets in your eyes." and in the way of a 3:00 sun.

"This old barn stands near the site of the original Fort Fraser trading post.  The fort was established by Simon Fraser around 1806, but was soon abandoned and relocated near the present Nautley Village in 1811.  The history of this building is somewhat puzzling.  It was likely built about 1910 and may have been used as a private residence or as a large horse stable.  However, some people speculate it was built as a horse barn by the Hudson's Bay Company around 1880.  Whatever it's origins, this building is one of the few remaining examples of "square log" construction."  As stated on a plaque located near the building.

 The workers must have been real craftsman whom I'm guessing, took pride in their skill of shaping round logs into Lincoln Logs.  From looking at the end rings, you can tell where the round log used to be.  A real hand tool, labor intensive, process from the looks of it.

All shots are with my Canon EOS 5D MKii and a 100-400mm 1:4.5-5.6 L IS reach out and touch somebody lens and a wide angle zoom: 24-105mm L IS 1:4 USM.


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