On my way out of Montana, a herd of wild horses were disrupting traffic as they grazed on both sides of the road changing sides frequently.  The gray one was apparently the alpha male stallion as he was keeping a watchful eye on a lot of mares.

So, while I was having my car serviced: oil change and what not, I took a tour of the Calgary Zoo.  I don't like zoos as they are used to imprison all kinds in spite of the fact that they have committed no crime.  Well, maybe the lion isn't innocent but surely these Penguins are.  A very complete zoo with the only apparent omission, a caged Ted Bundy.

Emperor of the South, they don't have them in the North, do they?  One notable thing is that they were displayed in the cool comfort of actual snow and refrigeration to make them feel at home.  I imagine this refrigeration as a necessity for displaying these type of Penguins.  There are also Penguins off of the African coast.  They are used to warmth and do not suffer in normal heat nor do they need refrigeration.  FYI, African Penguins are on display at the California Academy of Science in SFO.

"I seem to be lost.  Do any of you know the way to the South Pole?"

Notable example as it shows the "Velvet" enabling his horns to grow.  Once the horns have stopped growing, the casing dies and dries up and the deer rubs it off against any handy tree trunk.

A predator, a Grizzly predator.  So, he's charging you and you're telling yourself, "I know I bought some bear spray with me, but where did I put it?"  Everything about this bear screams, "Run for your life!"  Only problem is, he can run twice as fast as you can.  So, if you spotted a Grizzly bear and he was a hundred yards away charging you, you can run at 8 miles per hour and he can run at 16 miles per hour, how much time will elapse before the bear is asking you to "Pass the salt and pepper, please."?

More animals in prison for no crime other then being "cute." Well, maybe the Gorilla isn't all that cute.

I should have done some selective touch up but hey, this is nature.  Perhaps all us guys should hang out too, so this guy wouldn't feel all alone.  Otherwise, a right handsome fellow except for being a tiny bit narcissistic.  

A huge river forced to continue it's journey between a rock and a hard place. I wonder if Salmon can go up this one?  Touring Jasper National Park.

 Same river, farther away.  Anybody want to Kayak this one?  Maybe, like the Golden Gate Bridge, they
should put a net at the bottom to catch foolish Kayakers intent on committing suicide.

Sorry for the fuzzy edges but lighting was a problem so I was not able to close down the f-stop for a better depth of field.  Now if I had had my tripod, I could have. ;=)  Still worthy of a shot because I have never seen little trumpets like this before.  I'm not sure if they are part of the Lichen or independent.  I just don't know.  I have a don't disturb policy when I am photographing so it is impossible for me to rip things apart to further determine the nature of things.  

Yes, it's Lichen and Creeping Juniper and whatever else the forest wanted to nurture at the moment.  This is truly a rain forest and so interesting at several different levels.

They call this Creeping Juniper.  It never gets more then an inch high and just creeps across the forest floor.  If you looked underneath it, it has wood branches like a Jumiper tree but instead of growing vertically, it just grows horizontally.

I will always shoot Lichen cause Lichen is what I am liking.

If you ever heard this duck, you would marvel at how melodic it is.  They don't quack but whistle dixie, or so it seems.  The Great Northern Loon.  Tonight (Sunday July 27) I am camped 100 yards from a lake and the call of the Loon's are wafting into my trailer.  How cool is that?  These Loons were on a lake in Jasper National Park, CA.  What lake am I camping on tonight?  I don't know.  I saw a sign that said camping in 6KM.  So I went 6KM and here I am.  On my way to Dawson Creek but 180 miles short as of tonight.

Not sure what kind of clover but it has pretty flowers, like little make up dusters with even the perfect color.

I never tire of finding unusual displays of Lichen.  The color and brilliance of this Lichen, caught my eye this time.

This is the size Mountain Stream my Dad would take me too, to fish.  Don't know if this one had fish or not but the ones in Montana that my Dad took me too, always.

Not all pollinators are bees.  This one was about the same size as but definitely not in the bee family. It was going from nectar pod to nectar pod with it's proboscis.

1/5 of the 5 Alpine Lakes!  lol  Snow capped mountains courtesy of an overnight storm.  Yes, a little chilly as well but this camping trailer has forced air heating.  Yum.

All shots are with my Canon EOS 5D MKii and 400mm reach out and touch somebody lens.


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