I'm "on the road again" leading off with a couple noteworthy local shots then

A black Bass caught at Uvas Reservoir

A critter from Coyote Hills Regional park.  Im not sure if it's a bug or a spider.  Too small to tell.

So, I took off from home (San Jose) on Thursday July 17, after picking up my repaired car from Santa Maria, CA on Tuesday, camping at a gaming casino in Reno on the first night. and on Sunday, camping on the Missouri River in Montana where the rest of these photos were taken.

The very soul of the common Black (Cow) Bird.  Sans the red or yellow wings in it's prettier cousins.

Need some spare parts?

for your VW (squashed) Bug?

"Did you hear about the fatal accident on Hwy 200 at noon?"  Magpies, being Magpies.  Their are two varieties, this is the one that doesn't have the yellow bill.  Yes, there was a fatal accident.  I arrived at the backup at 4:30 then made a U-turn and ended up here camping at the Missouri River below Holter Dam.

Fresh water Pelicans which can be seen in our Bay Area as well on not so fresh but really salty water.

My camper on the left, a Montana Chalet (private residence) on the right, multiple images of the same truck cutting across the bridge as I was too lazy to shoot the seven shots when there was no traffic (almost impossible to do).  Click on the above image for a high res version.  Seven total hand held shots were used to make this pano.  Amazing detail on the high res photo.  All shots are with my Canon EOS 5D MKii and 400mm reach out and touch somebody lens.


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