My new to me, 2002 17' Casta, fully self contained and featuring: A/C, Automatic Gas Heater, Hot and Cold running water, Sirius Radio, TV for viewing DVDs, a real flush potty and a shower, Microwave, huge 3 way (gas, 120V AC or 12VDC) frig, 150 Watts of Solar Panels, huge sleeping area and with electric brakes. It's a real pleasure and easy to use.  Tows fine.

"But Gym, isn't that Princeton Harbor?"  "Why yes June, so it is."  Photographed from a beach side seat at Half Moon Bay State Park, May 20.

Spring and Love is in the air.  Two guys just holding hands. ;=)  I know, guys don't wear chest protectors.  I was at a loss for an opener.  What can I say?  Sorry.

I love shooting the moon!

"At least I'm in the water while you sit on the shore with your big fat lens and fluffy warm down jacket on."

Open your bay doors and prepare to let your "bombs away."

It takes a lot of effort and strength to write a "love letter in the sand."  Anybody want to hire a body guard?  I know where you can find one.

"Badia, badia, what's up Chuck?"  The reason for all the mounds of dirt all over the HMB state park.  A common Gopher, taking a peek around while cautiously sticking his head out of his underground mansion and grabbing some greens while he is at it.  Looks to me like he could use a dental hygienist.

"Thar she blows!"  Would you believe?  Whales feeding on Smelt.  People pay a lot of money for a boat to get them this close to whales out in the middle of the bay and here they are, free for the viewing less then 15 or 20 yards from shore. (an IPhone photo)

Spotted at the Alviso Baylands County Park.

Those aren't pixels in front of the Sea Gull, their flies (food) and dense enough to scoop a beak full while scooting into them, also at the Alviso Slough.


A couple of bugs in the mood for love.

I spent two nights the last week of May, doing some more shakedown cruising in my new to me, RV trailer.  Of course I had my camera and I took a hike from the campgrounds up to Summit Road.  The very same road that intersects with 17.  It is the Knibbs Knob trail.  It is two miles one way and 1700' elevation change.  1700 feet in two miles is really nerve wracking steep.  On the way back down, I would slip, regain my footing and slip again. It was a constant battle to stay upright.  I even shifted my camera to hang in front of me because I was sure I would end up falling on my back, jamming the camera into my kidney.  

Poison Oak in two of it's many forms.  Once you have experienced the rash, you get really good at identifying all of it's forms.  Even in the Fall and Winter when it is leaf less but still just as effective.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  I have nothing to write about this that isn't already portrayed.

The flowers are so diminutive on this bush.  If you didn't stick your nose where the bee does, you probably wouldn't see them.

Just a nice healthy bunch of Sticky Monkey Flowers.

Flowers are great hosts to all kinds of insects.

These Sticky Monkeys make good perches as well.

Just a macro shot of the flower and how each little sphere produces it's own little tiny flower.

This little critter scooted to the backside of the flower to avoid being photographed and then let me hold his host to get his photo anyway's.  From appearances, a fly who flew too close to a Nuclear Reactor.

An orange/yellow four leaf clover.......

I was amazed at all of the fuss bees were making in this one bush.  No discernable flowers yet you could hear the bees buzzing from ten yards away.  So they were making all this fuss over the tiniest almost microscopic flowers.  Those tiny flowers must have had a bountiful store of nectar and pollen for all of the fuss the bees were making.

Just put me to rest under a bush of these, really, where else could it be so pleasant?

I love Sticky Monkeys, they are so stinky and tasty.  Humm.

A Painted Lady a little worse for the wear but still duitifly sucking up the suds.

The absolute back door to Uvas Canyon.  I suspect this is a fire exit for the local residents in case the West bound Summit Road is impassable due to fire or Indians.  This back door is also a good idea to get fire equipment in, if other routes are blocked.  If I were a resident on Summit Rd. I'd make sure I knew where the chain cutters were in case I needed to exit "stage left."  I did not know that the Uvas Canyon Park was this close to other features in Santa Cruz.

Also at the trail head, this "Yorkie" isn't missing according to the Coyote I conversed with.  He said, "Daisy was nice and tender.  A happy meal for me for sure."

I have a friend in Santa Cruz who took her little Shih Tzu out for an evening stroll in her "hood" which was close to a real forest.  Her dog went under a bush as they were walking and never came out, never to be seen from or heard again.  No yelp, no whimper, just gone, vanished like a hat trick performed by a Coyote.  When you live by the forest, it's a given that all pets are potential happy meals for the forest critters.  It is best to keep your pet on a leash so that you can at least catch the Coyote when you yank back.  The ensuing tug of war should be interesting.

I found an eye witness to this abduction but all it could do was Hum about it.  Not very useful, if you ask me.

With all of this "keep out" signage, I'm surprised they don't have a remote controlled gun turret installed as well.  Oh, oh, the turret is disguised as a gate.

From a distance, they look really pretty and normal fluffs of flowers...

Then up close, this flowery bush reveals itself as cluster of tiny flowers instead of a bud of one.  Very interesting.

Is it any wonder why I love hiking?  Such spectacular displays, all around me.

The "Painted Lady" Butterfly, wondering which little flower polyp to pop next.

Connected together for better or worse, until satiated do they part.  They were actually flying coupled together like this.  A miracle of flight.  Not sure who is male or female.  Probably doesn't matter as long as there are lots of thriving baby caterpillars to show for it.


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