A Northern Harrier surveying for the hunting possibilities from atop the highest vantage point in a mostly flat desert.

Same bird in flight.  Harriers are noted for perching on the ground and their flying below the radar (low to the ground) when hunting.

Mexican Jay, it tweets in Spanish

 A Cactus Wren

Looks and acts like a Northern Mockingbird.

Another Cactus Wren.  Too bad I couldn't find one posed on a Cactus. ;=)

White Tipped Dove, found only in Texas.  Mostly prefers to be on the ground, will scurry away into the brush rather then flying.

A "Red Cockaded Woodpecker"  According to birding book, endangered and only found as far West as Eastern Texas, yet here he is in Western Texas.  I think I will report this find to Audubon, just for grins.  Maybe I have found a enclave of a rare Woodpecker.

Located in my campground, Chisos Basin area, Big Bend, Texas.

see below

A Northern Mockingbird.

Not to many points for style but hey, he's up up and away.  His wings are decorated like an Oriental Fan, huh?

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