After leaving the Mine I had some time to burn so I headed down a road marked simply "Solis."  It turned out to be an access and dead end at the Rio Grand out in the middle of nowhere.  It seemed like an excellent place to cross the Rio Grande, then I got to thinking, maybe this isn't a safe place for me to hang out, especially since I was the only one in a ten mile radius.  I stuck around only long enough to photograph a trail sign and a bug.

After my foray into the Mine area I was rolling into the Rio Grand Camping place and store when  a Roadrunner appeared right beside the road.  (They are road runners, don't you know.)  I watched it stab a Grasshopper in mid air and then scurry off into the brush.  Camera? I had no stinking camera.  I was driving.  Don't you know you're not suppose to text or take photos while driving, shheesh.  This Grasshopper is well camouflaged when it's not flying.  Too bad they don't have enough sense not to fly around Road Runners.

Needs a warning sign, "Sit at your own risk."

Every once in a while you run across something durable, a sign made out of 1/8" thick metal plate.  The lettering is perfect albeit adapted for cutting voids.  I'm guessing this was done possibly by laser.  All of the letters are cutouts, holes, voids with perfectly sharp edges.  How did they do that?  Vandal proof and weather proof.  Look at it closely, an O for instance has a ribbon of metal holding it to the sign as does an "a."  Somebody went to a lot of trouble to design this "void" font.  Look at the "e" and the "d."  Amazing.  These signs are located all over the park.  I even found one with lettering about 1/2 the height of this one.  Alternately, they could have stamped out these letters instead of using a laser.  Only problem with stamping is that they would have to have a die for each character, like a minimum of 70 or more dies for each size font.  The argument in favor of dies, is that the decimal points are square.  If a laser, it would have been easier to make them round.

How about collecting Mountain Lions?  Is that allowed?  If we can't collect Mountain Lions, do they know that Mountain Lions are not suppose to collect people?

Bear Scat?  This area was rid of bears early on by "White" men looking for meat and Bear Skin Rugs.  Since we made it a National Park, bears have been migrating North from Mexico and repopulating the park.  We should be thankful that the bears weren't hunted to extinction in Mexico.  (My bad, turns out horse riders frequent this area also, still a great bear story, ehh?)

The only critter I saw all day long.  Shot by the Hot Springs on the Rio Grande.

I'm on the Hot Springs trail and there are all kinds of interesting things to photograph.  Since this is the Rio Grande with Mexico South of me, the flora is more lush and abundant.

An Indian Pictograph, symbols written (painted) on the bottom of rocks jutting out from a huge cliff.

Some kind of insect made these.  You can see some in the previous photo as well.  I felt like tapping one to see what's inside but that would be like some giant lifting the roof off of my house to "see" what's inside.   Besides that issue, what if something came out to see who was rude enough to tap and then decided to tap on me with a stinger or three.

The Rio Grande, not very formidable looking at all.  I could have swam to Mexico in about 57 seconds.  I'm sure a Mexican could have done that in half that time to get to Texas.  Did you know that the Colorado River feeds into this?  If there is any water left over after all the dams.

The only part of the Hot Springs resort left for hikers to use.  I didn't test the water but from most of the occupants just dipping their tootsies, I assume in the 100+ degree range.  After reading the Hot Spring warnings in Yellowstone and all the nasty diseases hot springs can support and foster, I had no inclination to dip even my tootsies in it.  That's Mexico on the other side.

Mexican contraband.  There are signs at all the main visiting places that it is illegal to buy anything made in or from Mexico yet here is an unattended display of wares in two different places.  I can imagine the "Artist" was hiding in some nearby place observing his wares and ready to swim back to Mexico in a heart beat if the Federallis appeared.  Too bad for them.  I think the park needs to lighten up and let commerce flow.  It's not like there is anyplace they can go once they get in the park.  Everything was $6 unless marked otherwise.  Total investment for the whole collection looked like it could be $6 so if it got compenscated by the park staff, they weren't out much.  I didn't have my wallet with me or I would have donated more.  I did leave 80 cents in change, just for grins without taking anything.  The jar on the left was used to accept money.  Neither jar in either place had any money so either nobody was buying or the unseen attendant was diligently taking the money as it appeared.  The Park Staff needs to read "Grapes of Wrath" before they implement policies which deprive.

More Rio Grande in the Hot Springs area.  Mexico on the other side, Texas on the side I'm standing on.  Shouldn't we just annex Mexico and do away with this immigration nonsense.  If you let your eyes cross a little, that first huge rock on the opposite river bank could be an Armadillo or an Elephant.  Do you see what I see?

View from my camp site.

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