The Mariscal (Quicksilver) Mine circa 1900 to 1942.  Largely vandalized and then made safe to tour by the park further destroying the original functional buildings.  Since this arid area is conducive to preservation, the buildings and a lot of the wood used to frame windows, are still intact.  Even with all the damage, interesting and fun to tour.  It would have been nice to have more signage to describe the actual mining process.  For instance the original purpose of each of the buildings.

A used to be all brick (best guess) cooling/condensing building.  Now being reduced to rubble by the ravages of time.  That or an elaborate condo for squirrels.

I'm so happy to be here with my very first child, Mortimer.

Very interesting striations on this cliff face.  Like blood veins coursing through it.

Need a short block?  The straight six cylinder engine before V8s were invented.  You can pick out several old school engine development techniques: for starters, a flathead engine with the valves operated from a camshaft mounted below the piston level, (Overhead cams were an improvement), a place for a distributer that ran off the cam shaft,  later distributer's ran off the crank which in turn powered the oil pump.  A huge hole for the starter which turned the flywheel, a technique used on most cars today with starters half the size.  Notice the slot in the pulley wheel in the front?  That's where you put the hand crank to start the engine in case the starter failed. Yep, nobody believed that starters worked that well and were inclined to buy a car that had the crank back up as well.  Legacy habits are difficult to break.  Can you imagine a car manufacturer brave enough to market a car without a hand crank?  I think his name was Jobs or something like that. 

A convertible of course.

More iron just hanging around.  Talk about plastic lasting forever.......

The now "Bat Cave" used to be mine shaft opening.

They talk about saving the Bats, but who is going to save us from the Texan sized Gophers?  Can you imagine the size of the Gophers able to make this large a mound from underground dirt?

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