Photos of birds and critters and a man.  After the Lake posting on the previous page, I toured the lake one more time bagging a few more photos to share.  The rest of the photos are from Padre Island just East of Corpus Christi. 

A non Integrated Neighborhood, only White Pelicans and a couple of Terns.  On Padre Island.

This Squirrel was seriously hiding from me, not flinching or blinking but for the camera, he would have went undetected.  (lake)

My Brother-in-law Amon has this theory that animals and birds will show their age.  I believe this is one of those birds old enough to be a Singleaire.  A "Great Tailed Grackle."  (lake)

Another Great Tailed Grackle.

After kicking over my second "Fire Ant" home, I am pretty sure I have a bounty on my head now.  Wanted dead or alive (preferably dead) Jim H. a wanton destroyer of ant hills and the resultant untold casualties.  (lake)

A helluva big catch, all at night.  According to the person loading up his Ice Chest, the fish rarely bite during the day.  (PI all)

This was a very unusual boat setup.  A very shallow flat draft.  These guys had a serious set of ice chests on board.  I wonder what they held onto when the waves whipped up?  Maybe the ice chests doubled as floatation devices.

Another fisherman.

pretty bird.

Some kind of Peg Legged Heron.  Not in my birding book.  Never heard of one of these before.  Probably a Green Heron dipped in blue ink.

A very popular sport as several campers were here just for the wind.

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