I was in Mena Arkansas, now galavanting in Galvaston, TX.  Not really, just had to rhyme, silly me.  In my defense, I am in Texas and camping in Braunig Lake Park, a park between Corpus Christi and just East of San Antonio, Texas.  Previously I spent a couple nights at my friends: Stu and Saundra's place.  We laugh, we poke fun, we eat, we sleep and then I have to go.  Every place I stop I get projects to do.  At Bruce and Karin's place, I installed three or four lamp fixtures on their ceilings.  At Stu and Saundra's place, I stacked and piled up wood as Stu chain saw massacred it.  A guy (me) has to work for his keep, you know.  I just feel more complete when I'm fixing stuff or doing productive exercise.  A curse for me, a boon for my friends.  They just point me at a pile of must do's and it gets done.

Katy the dog, a female dog, asleep on the duty, dog. She has a partner but they are so alike, one photo pretty much covers it.  They are sisters in every respect, same litter as well.  What a joy they are to have around.  They were rescued by Stu and Saundra, having roamed too far from their home and having turned themselves into strays.  While straying, they took "tick" bitten to a new Guinnes world record level.  All in all, a lot of effort and care and love to make dogs and companions out of them.  

This is one of the stacks of wood we put up.  S & S have a lot of trees on their property.  Fallen trees are a common occurrence due to the thin layer of soil sitting on top of an impervious useless layer of rock.  With a little moisture and wind, an isolated tree can topple in a second.  You can see from the following photo that the tree roots are really shallow.  This tree was laying flat on the ground until we lightened it's load and with a big sigh, started to return to vertical.   The big pieces on the above stack came from this now vertically challenged tree. 

Their were a lot of legend and stories about fire ants and how they will attack if disturbed, so I disturbed them and then stepped back a hundred yards to get this shot.

Who does this?  Painting a male propane tank with pretty flowers?  Saundra does this.  Stored propane is the only option for cooking and heating when you live out in the woods.  Funny thing, all this free fire wood and no fireplace.  Sounds like another priority project.  Maybe next time I come to visit S & S, we will build a fireplace.

Saundra and Stu getting ready to use their "Town" car to go shopping in Mena!  Just teasing, they have a jeep for that.

Crappy photo but the only shot I got of a "Red Bellied Woodpecker" from S & S yard.  Where is the red belly?  Is brown the new red?

So, fresh from Texas, a Kingfisher with an Hor Dourve sized snack. This and the following photos are from the Braunig Lake Park in Texas.

A Blue Winged Teal, how do they come up with names like this?  Probably a single feather on the left wing is blue, lol.  With that gawdy costume, I would have named it the "Mardi Gras" duck.

A pair of those "Blue" Winged Teal.  I have read that a female duck is not as flashy so as to ward off predators.  Now if you were a discerning predator, which duck would you invite to dine with: plain Jane or flashy Joe?  Hmmm, I bet they taste the same.

So pretty, you just want to kiss them.  A Gadwall.  

A "Green Winged Teal" The only time you see the "green" wing is when they are flying.  At least this Teal has some green in other places.

The lowly but plentiful "Coot."  If there are ducks around, the Coot will dominate in numbers.  If there are no ducks, the Coot will be the sole lake occupant.  They are Vegans, diving to gather any edible plants. I enjoy watching them chase each other.  The chaser sneaks up on another coot with it's neck stretched out and flat against the water, like this helps to make him stealthy.  The chased one, waits until the last second and then runs on the water with wings flapping, a suitable chaste distance away and then the whole thing starts all over again. 

I suppose he looks "cute" to another Coot, possibly his Mother. lol

A "Moorhen" which is a lot like a Coot but less plentiful and with some flashy colors.


A Sparrow, soaking up the rays.  I wonder if they worry about getting feather cancer?

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