January 5, 2014
I'm in Prescott, AZ visiting good friends who are gracious enough to put me up every time I swing through Airyzona.  I shared with them my zest for photographing waterfowl.  Karin then took me out and showed me several lakes in the immediate area.  All of the following photos are from "Watson Lake" on a single hike about half way around the lake.  Wonderful shooting opportunities. Thanks Karin.

A "Blast Off" of several different types of ducks but primarily male and female Spoon Bills.

Probably some Ross Geese.

I'm not convinced this is a "wild" Swan, the reason being is that the Swans I have previously photographed, were in a flock of twenty or more.  You can view my previous photos of wild swans here.  For instance, wild Swans aren't suppose to go quack.  None the less, my birding book says this is a "Tundra Swan."  (I am teasing about it going quack.)

An integrated neighborhood.

Whether it's wild or not, it is still very pretty.


Not very shy, allowing me to approach within six feet.  Probably a Sandpiper.

A female Spoonbill.

A male Spoonbill.

A Pintail



A Western Bluebird on the ground, not my shoulder.

All, Red wing Blackbirds.  They were foraging along the shoreline giving me multiple photo ops.

Notice the female ratio?  

A common (?) Sparrow in it's common habitat.

The only time you see the magnificent colors on their wings, is when they are flying.

I can guess what attracts the female to the male but vice versa is a mystery to me.

A very rugged shoreline on the Eastern side of the lake.

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