The evening star (actually the Planet Venus) which turned out to be difficult to photograph.  In order to get the clouds and mountains, I end up over exposing the very feature which if captured properly, would be a sharp bright prick of light but then you wouldn't see the sky or mountains.  Sounds like a job for HiDef but I haven't learned that technique yet.

The Ubhebe Crater, one of the few I have seen where you can hike all the way (500') to the bottom and back.  20 minutes down if you roll down the side, then two hours back. lol

I spent a couple minutes wandering the grounds of Scotty's Castle, a feature in the North end of the park.  Did I capture it? The spiral stair case?  I placed the camera on a shelf improvising as a tri pod.  I like the result, a combination of abstraction and art.

That stair case is in the clock tower upper left.  This single shot doesn't do justice for the breadth of the whole estate.  Certainly not on the level as the Hearst Castle but still, some remarkable features making it easy to imagine the socializing possible before the money ran out.  For instance, a huge outdoor pool with underwater viewing windows inside the building.  The edge of the pool is viewable to the left, the forward part was wading depth and the back part, for full on swimming.

Part of the reason my car fell apart is because I took myself to Beatty, NV to get gas and propane and on the way back, I took the four wheel rated back way into the park called "Titus Canyon."  I took lots of photos but very few of them are worth posting because the lighting was really difficult.  For instance, the above scene had some really subtle shades of coloring.  In processing, they seemed to meld together.

Shot from the crater area, I figure those dark patches were left behind by Pterodactyls flying over DV and lightening their load as they flew over.

The only post worthy photo from my foray into the wilderness of DV.  From the paved road to the crater, a dirt road runs 27 miles to a feature called the "Race Track."  For some reason I was obsessed with going down this road to view the huge rocks supposedly moved across a perfectly flat dry lake bed for several yards by nothing else then the forces of Mother Nature.  When I got there, I was no longer interested in going the extra half mile necessary to view even one of these "racing" rocks.  I did a u-turn and headed back noticing as I went how many vehicles were leaking fluids or falling apart.  Little did I know I was headed for the same fate.  I had to shoot my crippled trusty steed shortly after leaving the dirt road and arriving what I thought was on safe asphalt.  More details on that.

The "very flat" lake bed and the not so flat rocks protruding out of it.  I think the oil and fluid stained road was more interesting.  Like leaving cookie crumbs behind you so you can find your way back.

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