The beauty and pristine wilderness of an Alpine Lake.  My name is Jim, do you want to go for a swim?  This is June Lake, about 1/2 mile off of Hwy 395 and 8 miles South of Lee Vining or fifty miles North of Bishop, California (of course).  I have a fishing license my son gifted me so I thought why not go fishing and enjoy a nice lake trout for breakfast?  I found a rod and reel for $27 in a thrift shop, $25 worth of bait, hooks, line and sinker from Kmart and then I sat next to the shore and watched everybody else pull in fish except me.  I did manage to take 1/2 hour though, to clear up a back lash, taking advantage of this interlude from fishing to call up and talk to my buddy Stu in Arkansas.

Conveniently spotlighted by the Sun to star in this photo.  They are very common in any campground but certainly stunning.  A Steller's Jay.

Also at my camp ground.  Triplets, twins are common but triplets, not so much.  I was bushwhacking my way from my campsite to June Lake when I startled these fawns and their Mom.

Row, row your boat, slowly, slowly across June Lake.  They refused my request to go water skiing behind their inflatable Kayak mumbling something about too much wind and that I would have to lose 200#s before they would even try.  Net of it is, I didn't get to go water skiing..

More June Lake deer, only just twins this time.

A June Lake Osprey........

Golf, anybody?  Teed up and ready for the fairing shot.

Getting ready for the rutting season with a "small" disadvantage.  I'm thinking he isn't going to get lucky this year, what do you think?

Going back in time, but only six or seven hundred years.  A crater left by an explosion of steam superheated by magna in the Inyo Forest near Mamoth Lakes.  The write up claims there may have been Indians around when it happened. Since they didn't have gun powder, I wonder what they thought when they heard it.

Dragon Fly?

The top of the Devil's Post Pile.  It looks more like Fred's Post Pile to me.  I don't think our frontiersmen were very clever at naming structures.  Take for instance how many creeks are named "Deer" creek or "Bear" creek.  I suppose if they saw a mouse, it would be "Mouse" creek. lol  In the Mammoth Lakes area.

 Why it's a "post pile."

Just a rock.

These must be "White Faced Ibis." I came to this conclusion because all three of my birding references only list two Ibis and the other one is white all over.

Same bird, in flight.

The Avocet

It was nice of the demolition crew to leave this structure intact for the Swallows.  From the looks of it, it was less desirable to be below another nest.

Now for "Hot Creek" one of the tributaries to the Owen's river.

The "Hot Creek" hot pots.  These hot pots probably could cook  you in a matter of 45 minutes or less.  Where are the Cannibills when you need em?  They could set up a regular factory here.  All they need is a distributer.

Constant steam and bubbling but nothing spectacular, coming from Hot Creek.

Pretty bleak, huh?  Not my fault.  Photographed from a viewing area on Hwy 120 West of Yosemite.  There were two rangers/docents answering questions and giving information.  I took Hwy 120 all the way from Hwy 395 (East Sierras by Bishop) to this point.  The fire damage is only apparent in the North West corner of the park and then a lot after exiting the West end.  It is surprising to see how many patches of green there are and then this, just acres and acres and miles and miles of complete devastation by fire.

A map of the fire.  The area marked by a red border in the upper right was still burning when I went through on Sep. 19.  It was one of those things where Winter storms would have the final say.  I had lunch in Colfax Spring.  This town was saved.  I have no knowledge of the other towns inside the fire area.  According to the posted stats, 111 structures were lost to the fire. No further explanation was given regarding the type of structures lost.

The view from my car window which was taken while traveling mile after mile on Hwy 120 with no change of scenery. 

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