I managed to recover about half of my lost photos thanks to the help and personal attention of Jimmy Thach and the Ritek USA, Corp, the Mfg of the 16gb Compact Flash card that failed on me.  It is nice to know that a company such as Ritek, will stand behind their product and give extraordinary assistance when you need it

These photos were taken at Great Basin National Park.  I camped at 10.000 feet.  Boy, did my car pulling my little 13 foot trailer, grunt and groan as we went up a road with a zillion twisties and cutbacks.  It was pretty damp at the top, I suspect from all the rain Colorado was having.  The mushrooms were very abundant.  I'm guessing from the looks of this grouping, that deer or some other animal enjoy them as well.  

The obligatory Chipmunk photo.  All he needs is an opposing claw and he would be adoptable.

times one million.......

The Clarke's Nutcracker.  One thing you will note if you ever see this bird in person, is it's propensity to drop straight down before flying off.  Their call is very unique as well.  You wont mistake it for any other bird.

WoW!  What a harvest.  This Bristlecone Pine Tree is common in this area.

This is Nevada after all, so the obligatory Cactus photo.

This "ditch" was built to supply water to a gold mine.  It was an expensive venture.  From Wikipedia; "The Osceola Ditch, also known as the East Ditch, was built in 1889-1890 to convey water from Lehman Creek, Nevada to a hydraulic mine operation at Osceola.  Extending for 18 miles, the ditch includes a 600 ft tunnel as well as wooden flumes."  The info sign said it was costly at  about 1/4 million dollars, probably a billion dollars in our today's inflated currency.

 The Lehman Creek.  I don't think such a project would be approved in today's environment.

I make no apology for loving to photograph the Fungi.  These look like those "pop in the oven to brown," biscuits you get in those exploding cardboard tubes stocked in the refrigerator section.

The September view and sky.

A Thunder Head forming on the updrafts of the Mountains.

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