I swear this Robin was the size of a Sage hen.  I never saw such a big Robin, ever.

This is the "Lone Star" Geyser.  I regret to admit, that I didn't stick around for the 40 foot plume it is capable of spouting.  Really a shame because it is  a 2 1/2 mile walk in to the viewing area.

What's a trip to the woods without a photograph of the obligatory Chipmunk?  These little guys were about every ten feet on the Geyser trail.  Fun to watch them squirt from one place to another.  Two Chipmunk speeds possible: squirt and stop

Hint: right click and "set as background," you will love it.  The bottom of a river in Yellowstone.  It's a very peaceful, interesting color.

Wet begat's Mushrooms, the only variety I observed while hiking.

This fuzzy wuzzy looks familiar but not accessorized like the one on the previous page.

Yep, that's a white road stripe next to this Bison.  I stuck my camera out the passenger side window to shoot.  The ranger talk mentioned that the older bulls isolate themselves and no longer run with the herd.  Putting themselves out to pasture so to speak.  Maybe I'll try that!  This is the last photo that I am posting from Yellowstone, the following photos are from below the Palisades Dam on the Snake River, Idaho.

Tweet, tweet, I thought I heard a puddy tat.

 "Psst, hey mister, can you give a guy a hand?  I can't get within a hundred yards of Tweetie with this stupid bell around my neck.  Really, can you give a guy a hand?"

I never saw so many Ospreys in one place.  All three of these photos are of different Ospreys, taken before morning sunlight so none of the photos are that sharp due to long exposures and (handheld) camera shake.

click for a mega picture

My camp host Tena, spotted this one for me.  Judging from his colors, about four years old..  "Juvenile Bald Eagles are a mixture of brown and white; with a black beak in younger birds. The adult plumage develops when they are sexually mature. It takes about five years for their head and tail feathers to gradually turn white." as quoted from "About Bald Eagles
."  Funny story from Tena, she says this "juvenile" watches the Osprey catch fish and then tries to take it away.  I didn't see this one in action but I can imagine as big as he is, he could probably overpower an Osprey.  

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