Leaving Jackson Hole and touring Yellowstone, entering through the South entrance.  I was going to camp and hike the Teton Park but the campground I was going to stay at, closed on Sep 2.  

The Snake River, snaking through it's head waters in Yellowstone.  The Lewis River is joining it from the left.  Near the South entrance.

Moose Falls, South part of Yellow Stone

For the Moose Falls video, click on the above photo.

Upstream of Moose Falls

Lewis Falls, further up the road from Moose Falls.

Click on the above photo for the video of Lewis Falls.

An Osprey cruising the Snake River

Scratching post for a bear.  Judging from the height of the damage, probably from the smaller Black or Brown bear, probably not a Grizzly.  This was beside the 8 mile trail I hiked on Wednesday.  I did carry my bear spray.  

Another Osprey, this one is fishing the Madison River.  The steam in the background is from the Geyser fields.

An Elk family cooling their heels.  Since they are in the water you might think Moose but the white rump gives them away.  This near the West entrance by the Madison camping area in Yellowstone.  Can you say "traffic jam?"  Yes, even sighting of a worm can cause huge traffic backups in Yellowstone.  These sighting are special though.  I photographed them while driving by and pointing the camera out the open passenger window.  Almost as bad as texting while driving, well maybe worse. ;=)  I was going to camp at Madison but since I didn't reserve, was shut out.  Instead, I exited the park and headed South into Idaho to camp at Henry Lake, an Idaho State Park.

Up, Up and away!  Canadian Geese are amazing to watch, interesting also if you hear them as you can tell from their increased vocalizations that something is going to happen and then they take off.

What a lucky find.  Nearly stepped on him.  Some kind of Newt of Salamander, about five inches long.  As near as I can tell, a Tiger Salamander taken next to Henry Lake in Idaho.

A Rorschach Ink Blot Test, normal people think it is a Chinese Fan.  Abnormal people see a butterfly.  ;=)

A spoon and a mound of mashed potatoes.....  An Idaho Sky after a rain storm.

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