An Elk Refuge a couple of miles North of Jackson Hole, WY. Yes, I see no Elk, just ducks. I liked the cat tails though.  Acres and acres of cattails.

It takes three points to form a Bermuda Triangle, doesn't it?  Birders classify these as "dabbling ducks" because that is what they do.  Other ducks may dive for their food, these ducks "dip."  It's a food chain thing so there is less competition for the available food.  For instance, if all the ducks ate fish, pretty soon some ducks of lesser fishing skills would lose out as the fish became more scarce.

Same pond, A female (hen) Mallard duck out of water.

WoW!  Dessert bush bloom.  Probably Sage Brush, but hey, I'm just guessing.  Might be a Sage Hen in there as well but hidden from sight.

OK, wrap your brain around this one.  Hint, I rotated it 90 degrees left.  A snag, left behind by a fisherman at a pond I visited.

"I always point my tail towards the North Star, more reliable then a compass."  Just teasing to avoid the obvious question, what kind of Dragon Fly is this?

Gotcha again, this photo is rotated 180 degrees.  In composition, you go for the view that works best, not the natural view.  These flowers were hanging into a roadside ditch.  They look very pretty either rotated or not.

Mug shooting a horse.  The other horses in the corral had face covers to keep the flies out of their eyes.  I guess the farmer ran out of them as it appears this horse could have used the mask as well.

I always enjoy finding fish in the wild.  Funny thing is that just across the road, two fisherman were busily drowning worms, oblivious to this bonanza on the other side of the road.  Hint, trout are very wary and react immediately to hide when they see motion on the banks.  I was far enough away that I went unnoticed.

Nature's engineers at work, the high water side of a Beaver dam.

Why is he so happy?  Because he has a cushy job looking over his flock of sheep.  Notice the saddle cinch is loose, I'm guessing he was doing his horse a favor and letting it breathe easy while providing shade for this sheepboy.  I would call him a cowboy except there are no cows in sight.

About a tenth of the flock he was looking over.  I wasn't too happy with the mess these sheep were making.  Besides eating the bushes and nibbling the grass down to the roots, they were making an other wise pristine stream, muddy and polluted with their willful in and out antics.

Thistle flowers and their life support system, butterflies and bumble bees..

more desert color

More Beaver handy-work.

A Northern Harrier

At my sisters place, an RV park South of Jackson, WY

They actually license the raising of Elk for meat.  This was a small herd of about 37 animals.  I gifted my sister and her husband two plastic pouches of Elk Jerky.  It is unlawful to sell Wild Elk meat but not illegal for domestic raised Elk.  At least that's what the Jerky salesman tells me.

Click on the above photo to see what I see.

Two trout caught by my Brother-in-law, cooked by my Sister and eaten by me.  Yum.....

My Sis and Amon mixing up the ingredients for home made vanilla ice cream.  No, it is not fat free but it is organic and very tasty.  A long list of ingredients.  Maybe we should revive making our own.  It's not easy but , ohhh, so worth the trouble.


I had a wonderful visit with my Sis and her Husband.  We took an auto tour of the area they live in even stopping once to photograph a bear which morphed into a black cow as I was shooting it.  Stupid cow.  It is September and the nights are getting cooler with the first frost not far behind.  A lot of the Snow Birds (people who summer in the North and Winter in the South) leave after Labor Day as my Sis is doing.  She has a permanent lot in Agunga, CA.  An RV resort about 15 miles East of Temecula, CA.  Her lot is for sell.  You can get it all for approximately $80K including all the outdoor party improvements: a dish washer, two refrigerators, wet bar, etc.  When you live in an RV Resort, everybody loves to get together to party and they frequently do.  This RV Park also has a full 18 hole golf course.   Talk about an upscale cushy place.  An Oasis to die for.


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