I'm traveling NE to meet up with my older Sister Bonnie and my Brother-in_Law Amon.  They are telling me that they are gearing up for a fish fry this Labor Day weekend consisting of the Summers total catch from several different fisherman willing to pony up the $92 for a non residence fishing license.  I have packed the trailer and officially headed out last Tuesday.  Today, Thursday (3/29/13), I am parked in an RV lot in Burns, OR.  About six hundred miles from my destination just South of Jackson, WY or about 1/2 the way there.

Yesterday was a sad day in Mudville aka San Jose.  We had to put our long time friend and companion, Baby the Cat, down for insurmountable medical issues.  A fifteen year old cat that would wait in my driveway every day for my return from my many trips.  Goodbye Baby.  You were one GREAT, one of a kind, one especially nice special cat.

The South Fork of the American (Creek) River, I spotted these large leaf plants on the banks but alas, not a watermelon in sight.

I love catching this bird in action.  The American Dipper.  They are exciting to watch as they go into the water clasping the rocks and feeding as they go along.  They look more like a Robin then your typical water bird.  No long legs, they don't float on top of the water nor do they have a specialized beak, if not for sitting on the water, you would never imagine it to be a water bird.

The Western Fence Lizard looking for a fence to sun on.

Smoke from the Yosemite fire.  This was at a $9 a night U.S. Forest Service campground on Hwy 50 just below Kyburz, CA.

 Nothing is stranger or more curious then to be hiking and hear the sound of bells, cowbells, many cowbells, cowbells actually hanging from a cow..

 So, did I get to choose this bell? Hell no!

A hunters dream.  A covy of Black Tailed Deer (a member of the Mule Ear Deer family).  Do I shoot the one on the left first or the closest one or line em all up and use just one shot? ;=)  (Sorry for my demonstrated sick sense of humor.)  No, I don't know what that lump is.  Maybe an embedded GPS sensor?

 A wise ole Western Screech Owl wondering who, who the idiot with the long lens camera is.  Actually, this is one of the few Owls that do not Hoot (or who for that matter).  Their call really is more like loud cooing. If you heard it without seeing the Owl, you would never guess it was an Owl making that sound.

Imagine he is also carrying a skunk.  One of their varied prey.

In flight service for all prey.  Check out that claw.  Ouch.

Yucky Mucky 

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