There was kind of a competition among the guys to see who could claim having the most wood to throw on the campfire.  I think they ended up making a lot of glass since the fire pit was nothing but a hole dug into the sand.  Probably could have made some integrated circuits from all of the Silicon ingots the fire produced.

This was my photo competition photo instead of the duck drowning itself.  It didn't do well.  The judge kept complaining about all of the "dark" spots contrasting with the flames.  Shheesh.  I should have titled it "Hell for Judges" instead of "Dante's Inferno."  Maybe thinking of hell, made the judge nervous.  lol

A broke down RZR aka Razor.  A three week old toy with a broken axle.  After tearing it down to discover the broken axle, we then found out that nobody within 200 miles had a spare part to fix it with so it spent the next three days holding the sand in place where it was parked.

Please click on the above photo to enjoy a Wonderful! camp fire.

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