So, I took what I thought was going to be a short hike to Oso Flaco Lake.  I started out hiking from my camp site as from the brochure, it seemed a reasonable distance away to get to.  The beach access was fenced off so that was the first obstacle.  I decided to go up and over the dunes instead.  After a mile or more of trudging through the sand and no trail end in sight, I turned back.  After getting back, I jumped in the car for a shopping errand to Santa Maria.  Instead of taking 101, I went South on 1.  After about six miles I saw this sign, Oso Flaco Lake, this away.  Neat!  This entire page is about Oso Flaco Lake and the mile long board walk from the lake to the beach.

Ducks do this "preening" to spread the water proofing substance from a preening gland on their tail to the feathers on the rest of their body.

Like water off of a ducks back.  What a good job of preening accomplishes.

The Blue Heron.  Such a huge bird yet so graceful.  If you have ever seen a Turkey fly, you would appreciate just how graceful these birds are.

A female Mallard.

You can rent a spot on this "only" log for miles, at a reasonable rate of only 2 grains of wheat per month.

An abstract photo of a duck with it's head under water which I intended to enter into a photo competition but withdrew it at the last moment for a "better" one.  The beak and eye is visible but distorted.

The "California Least Tern" in flight and fishing

Outcast and segregated by the bands on it's legs.

This is a Snowy Plover chick.  He was darting about so fast that none of my photos turned out sharp but content trumps sharpness and here it is, banded on all four legs.  Why do they do this to these birds?  Can't they just observe them from afar like the rest of us?

A fledgling Jay seeing a photographer for the first time.

Not very sharp but hey, it was way on the other side of the lake.


I'm so pretty!

The nesting area they are preserving for two birds: the Snowy Plover and the California Least Tern.  Without the fence, ATVs would be plowing through the nesting area at 40+ MPH making Omelettes as they go..

Le plane, le plane, you need to start your engines.  Even ghost ships wont stay afloat long without a little engine push.
Not to worry.  Stop motion is the consequence of a fast shutter speed.  Ghost effect is from the foggy late morning haze.

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