The age of Aquarius.  ?  Not sure how else to describe how I feel.  My son, responsible for yet another camping trip this Summer.  A repeat of camping on Pismo Beach in Oceano Dunes.  This time instead of two families and a weekend, five days of camping and enjoying the beach with an extended family of four rigs, multiple children, with multiple copies of Dads and Moms and Uncles and Aunts floating around.  About twenty or more.  So many it was difficult getting close to the camp fire.  Multiple copies of Smores abounded all week as well.  We also had our share of bad luck with a broken drive shaft on one of the ATVs and a broken wrist as a consequence of one of our riders flying through the air with the greatest of ease until he stopped suddenly head first into a nearly vertical sand dune.  It was one of those things you are warned about but "It wont happen to me." kind of things.

Sunset at Oceana Dunes.  Not very exciting but any Sunset is special especially if it is unobscured by fog.

While packing up the trailer to leave, I heard a strange bird call and found this tweeting about the trees in my front yard.  A Hooded Oriole.  This is the first one I have ever seen in my home area although the birding book identifies my home area as being their normal range.  Then I headed out to Pismo via Hwy 1, camping one night in a miserably overcrowded Federal campground North of Morro Bay.  The next day I happened across a group of birds in a feeding frenzy.  I wasted about three rolls of film catching all of their antics.  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them.

I always enjoy watching the prehistoric looking Brown Pelican, dive for meal.  One moment the fish is happily enjoying his environment, the next moment he is swirling in Pelican stomach juices.  Eww, one moment in the food chain then fertilizer.

Multi-tasking, swallowing the catch de jour, and lifting off for the next opportunistic dive.

Amazing activity, you should have been here.  Cormorants, Sea Gulls, Pelicans and a ball of bait fish.  What a party.  Chips and fish dip.

I have seen a few times where even the wing tips weren't showing.  There were so many Pelicans diving at once it was like WWII Kamakaze pilots going after an aircraft carrier.

Air traffic controller?  We don't need no stinking air traffic controller.

These Pelicans have fun also, from the looks of it.  Rotating midair like Maverick in Top Gun.  Any technique is apropos as long as it nets a fish or three.

It is really interesting to me to observe a feeding frenzy like this.  One of those when the opportunity presents itself, fish while the fishing is GREAT.

These are actually different birds then above.  It just shows the opportunities I had to capture the moment.

Sometimes chaotic, sometimes dangerous for the smaller birds.

Awk!  My gawd! Awk!  Honk before you dive! Awk!

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