I was invited by my son to a camping trip in Pismo (Oceano Dunes SVRA Park) again.  I'm leading off with a photo of Morro Bay because it is my fav.  I hiked 777 feet high and 1.5 miles to get this shot so of course you are going to see it.  I so wish we hadn't abolished slavery.  I would really enjoy having one to lug my camera up hills like the one I took this shot from.  On the other hand, my heart enjoys the workout.  You can also click on this pic for a super sized version.  You know how I love doing the super size.  Email me if you want to be my voluntary slave.  No whining allowed though, just work, work, work.

My son and his toys.  First a dirt bike and a trailer to haul it in.  Then a dirt bike for him and his son and a bigger trailer to haul them in.  Then a Razr (a four wheel ATV) for his wife and daughter and a six wheel toy trailer to haul his whole family and toys in.  When is this madness going to end?  ;=)

So, the more you have, the easier it is to get it stuck in the sand.  You can't see it but in the previous two weeks I worked on his trailer installing two 100W solar panels and a new battery charger and a new TV.  Fun stuff for me.  Not so fun is being stuck in the sand.  We spent over an hour digging sand from around the tires and letting the air out of his tires (he has 10 tires total), before making an attempt to back his trailer out onto Terra Semi Firma.  Long story short, he made it on the first try.  His friend wasn't so lucky.  He had to dig himself out twice before making it out of the quick sand even with deflated tires.

This is my rig dwarfed by my Son's rig and his friend's rig.  Funny story, I unhooked my car so my Daughter-in-law could run to town for some food.  She had no problem going out and back but when she came back, I decided to re-hook up my trailer in case the tide came in too far.  I got in and proceeded to pull forward to get in alignment with my trailer hitch.  I got about two feet and was hopelessly stuck.  Too much confidence in my four wheel drive.  As soon as my Son sees me, he says, "Dad. I told you not to venture into the soft stuff." (where he was stuck).  I wish I had gotten a picture of this but he hooked up his winch on his Razr to my car's hitch ball and proceeded to pull me back to semi terra firma (instead of the no terra firma that I was stuck in).

I reconnected my trailer and we waited for high tide to arrive at 9:45.  The water did come within 10 feet of us but fortunately, did not get into our camp site or where I had my car parked.  A lot of our neighbors got water but when it's expected, you just make sure the important toys are up and out of the way.  "Why park near a high tide line?" you ask.  Because the risk of getting stuck forever increases as you get farther away from the high tide line. Especially with the big rigs like my son was pulling.  As I  mentioned before, his rig was already stuck and his friends rig was stuck as well.

This is driving on the sandy beach with the bare necessities: four wheels, an engine, and a roll cage.  Notice the special tires made just for the sand, the front tires with a single large rib to dig into the sand as you turn, hopefully getting the "Dune Buggy" to finally turn.  Without these ribs pushing the sand, the wheels would simply skid across the sand with little or no steering effect.  The rear tires are the same concept as paddle wheels on river boats.  They are designed to dig into the sand thrusting it backwards and propelling the Dune Buggy forward, sometimes with a wickedly long and impressive roosters tail.  Boy's and their toys.  A whole industry was born out of this insatiable urge of boys to recreate in places normal vehicles can't go.

Rough day at the beach. You can pretty much tell who is having fun or not. Observe the driver with a look of concentration mixed in with an ear to ear smile.

My Grandson Jay taking me out for a ride over the "Dunes."  I was amazed at the stuff this vehicle can do.  In essence, a high tech dune assault vehicle.  Yes, he made me scream like a girl.  Plunging down vertical drops and going up near vertical inclines all while going at a modest full throttle. Ayyyyyyyyyy! (photo by his Mom, DeDe)

Notice, he has no passenger, my grandson again at the beginning of his leap of faith.  (photo by his Mom, DeDe)

Dune buggy's come in all sizes to suit almost everybody, from cradle to grave.  

One thing that helps a lot for traction on the sand is to let some air out of your tires as this lady is demonstrating on her Ford Pick em up truck..

Where's a traffic cop when you need em?  There are no marked paths or finite directions to follow, just go slow and avoid hitting each other.  This is loosely organized as drive on the right but that is not always a given or forbidden.

Need to park your bike?  Just hold on to the front brake, plant your feet in front of you and spin the rear tire.  Instant bike stand!

Shifting gears, after Oceano Beach, I did a photo loop through Morro Bay.  This is just an innocent California Towhee on my hiking trail and some innocent flowers.

Speaking of flowers, recent studies have indicated that flowers show intelligence as well.  They do actually respond to affection and figure out things to do territory wise as well as a host of other things.  No, they don't vocalize their thoughts but they do have them according to the scientists.

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